Sylvan Rd is a constant grievance for western suburbs bike commuters.


Here is a thread to add your stories / videos re the shenanigans of Sylvan Rd.  38 years down the track, BCC will see this overwhelming stockpile of evidence and be forced to "consider" a review "in the future".  Who'll be smirking and waiting another 38 years then ... 


In the meantime, add to this or start your own location specific grievance thread.  Its therapeutic if nothing else.

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So here's my first post on this thread .... AKA son of "Cox's Daily rant"....


If that car is there nearly everyday have you reported it to BCC?

Coincidentally, I just did.


BCC aren't interested in following up on the video evidence (not even for just a phone call warning) but I guess that would be a police matter.


BCC advised me that I need to ring them back and report it next time I see it parked there.  They will send a parking officer out immediately.  They may fine them, tow them or just warn them.  Either way I'll be happy as I just want that car to stop parking there.  It really is a genuine safety issue.  I'm working from home today but starting from tomorrow, I am going to report it every day I see it.  3403 8888 if anyone happens to see it today.

I'm pretty sure Mike has rung and reported the guy before too. 

Hi Chris . . It wasn't this guy . . it was Mr Victard Commodore Wagon Driver who seems to have disappeared off the scene now thankfully. Mr 609 LGW Ute seems to have taken over his mantle.

I have had extensive written contact and phone contact with the Council and the local Councillor Peter Matic, who also happens to be the Chair of the Active Travel Commitee, about this particular illegal parking spot. They have now put up a No Standing sign right where this idiot parks. Originally there was nothing which did encourage bad parking. At least they know now they shouldn't be doing it and can be fined if caught parking there.


Mr Commodore Wagon driver ....   ah I remember him too.  Coming in one morning I noticed someone had smashed his driver side window in.  I wondered at the time if that was a robbery, vandalism or actually cyclist rage.

For the record, I only support legal means of action on these issues :-)

Hey good work following up the issue in the first place too Mike.

It is a genuine safety issue, and your actions now make it possible to take immediate action when people do park there.

Well look who I saw again today ....  

Illegally parked in the bikeway again, forcing cyclists out into the path of oncoming traffic.

Parking inspector should have visited him by now :-P

Interestingly enough, I noticed this afternoon that the no stopping ($) sign - as shown above - has now been replaced with 2 "Mail Zone" signs.

What the hell is a Mail Zone ????

I presume it means the Australia Post van is allowed to pull up in the bike lane now to collect the mail from the post box on the footpath there.  Pretty ordinary I think for the amount of cycle traffic that "Bike Lane" carries.

Again, its just another example of how ridiculous this recent upgrade on Sylvan Rd is.

There's an explanation on this site somewhere from someone that requested something be done about this - I can't find it at the moment but they got a pretty good response from a local govt rep who said the best way to deal with it was to make it a mail zone. The mail pick up would be a few minutes twice a day and unlikely to compete with cyclists. Not perfect but a slight improvement.

Hi Guys . . it is here in Coxy's old daily rant thread.....
There is a fair bit of History to this particular spot on Sylvan Road where illegal parkers of motor vehicles endanger the lives of cyclists. I did raise it with council and the local Councillor who did respond positivly. Read it for the details.

By the way... those two utes are parked there on the weekend too. They probably belong to a resident.


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