Anyone else have fun with the new changes on Sumners Road this morning. The previously way too narrow traffic island / crossing is now blocked off and you have to ride down to the new traffic lights to cross the road.


Unfortunately I don't think its made things easier or safer for cyclists....

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Ride to ipwich  you mite try  turn right  at summer road  and up to waol staton rd  right on ot wilruna st right on to old logan rd over the new bridge right on to viking dr down to the roundabout on to smiths rd which go all the way to collingwood dr now left at the lights and then right at light at old ipswich rd  and right aberdare st  and left at the light on to brisbane rd  

I notice the, "Clever People in Engineering" have been at it again on Sumners Road.

They, thankfully removed the bike shelter and fixed the missing concrete. Good work by the way.


What the hell are they up to now, an even bigger mess and dangerous obstacle right across the footpath. Do these project managers not understand doing things in a correct order. But I suppose it is only our tax and rates money, and it has been proved over and over they are not responsible for their mistakes and reworks.


I was a good cyclist and went up to the lights at Dandenong road and waited for a crossing light, and waited..., and waited until eventually the light changed and we had the go signal. I pushed off and even before my foot was on the pedal, let alone cleated, the don't walk sign started flashing, and the red don't walk man was up before I made it across the street.

The Pedistrian I was chatting with informed me it is not unusual for him to get stuck in the middle island while waiting for the second change so he could make it across the road.

And don't even get me started on the ignorant mongrel motorists that just have to park across the crossing further complicating the process.

Ken, do you mean this mess?

The 'benefits for cyclists' in the upgrade is a bit of a slap in the face but compared to what north-siders get it is wonderful... but that still doesn't make it right. We should have quality infrastructure and provisions all over Brisbane, not just in marginal areas...

Hi all it only took two months and call's to mp's to fix this part . And is about time  that thay fix the cross at the  Dandenong road roundabout at mt ommaney it ok on the weekends to cross over but to all who ride this way weekdays at peek hour it's some impossible to cross over.

Yeah... you can wait there for 10 minutes or more. It's pathetic.

Even more annoying is that if half the drivers not indicating would instead indicate properly, that time waiting could be slashed.

...and if they didn't race around there like it was a racetrack. They should put speed bumps on the exits of all roundabouts.

I'm guessing that getting around this area isn't too good on a bike? Do you live around there Shaun Moran? I applied for a job in Sumner Park and if I got it I was considering living in one of the nicer suburbs nearby and riding to work on my hypothetical-in-the-future Gazelle. I used to ride from Toowong to Jindalee on the bike path to get to the DFO which was pretty awesome apart from the highway noise.

Actually for Brisbane it's pretty good. From what I hear the people on the north side would love to have the bikeway we have on the western freeway.

The reason for the complaints is that it's so obvious to a cyclists that things could be so much better with a little bit of thought and planning. It would be nice for representatives from cycling groups to be brought in for advice before any roadwork that affects major cycle routes.

The path along the motorway is good but as for other bikeways, they're few and far between. Most bike 'lanes' in those suburbs also double as car parking so they're not much use.


Your best bet would be to look at the areas you're interested in on sites such as and to get a feel for bicycle routes/terrain/etc.

Recently I asked the Council to trim the bush that was overhanging the northern side of the Bikeway on Sumners Road just near where the old Bus Stop was. It was getting very overgrown and hanging so low you couldn't hardly see what was coming the other way.

Looks like they did it this morning as it is now all trimmed back and you can ride through there now without having to duck down and almost scrape your nose on the road.



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