Anyone else have fun with the new changes on Sumners Road this morning. The previously way too narrow traffic island / crossing is now blocked off and you have to ride down to the new traffic lights to cross the road.


Unfortunately I don't think its made things easier or safer for cyclists....

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Hi Shaun - I get newsletters from them with the latest info. You can see it on the web here

Have a look at Newsletter 3 pdf . . it has a map of the proposed layout. It does show a new cycle path in yellow that looks like it goes under the interchange in a tunnel. Keep your fingers crossed. If that is the case people wanting to keep going south or north on the bikeway won't have to cycle half way into Jamboree Heights and back to get there.


I am amused by the statement "now that all the construction is finished", given the massive fence which basically cuts the bikeway off heading towards the M5. I see a lot of bike tyre marks on the road, and wonder when the proverbial worst will happen to some poor cyclist. Watch the ostrich management come out then.

It really is a disgrace, not just for cyclist, that they let morons loose to design and construct roads, with our money, and then have the hide to say, oops we'll just have to use some more of your money to fix our f..kup. Oh and by the way, we are not responsible, it was someone else, local, state, federal government that made us do it.

Only one word for that and it starts with a "B" and ends in "T"

Hi Ken . . I was meaning the construction/roundabout removal at the Sumner Road/Dandenong Road intersection which seemed to drag on for ages. I do drive a car around here a bit too so I was more refering to that.

cheers Mike

Oddly enough, that's about as positive a response as I expected. More's the pity.

I have to agree with Paul's comments, it is very obvious the author of the response, has: -

  1. Never tried to ride, with the traffic flow, on either side of that road during off peak, let alone peak hour traffic.
  2. Obviously never witnessed someone trying to ride with the flow of traffic.
  3. Bother to get out of their comfy office chair and seen the rider assist bars at most other traffic lights and crossing. The author's concept of dismounting is simply to take your foot off the pedal. Probably hasn't even bothered to look at cleated pedals on today bikes.
However unfortunate and obviously inaccurate the authors comments on this are, we know as bureaucrats control these decisions, what is done is done, and is not likely to be undone. Sad really isn't it, Flapping lips I believe I read somewhere.

Am gutted to hear that Sumners Road cycle crossing has been made worse.. We ride quite often through there on the weekends. If any site presented itself as the perfect cycle/pedestrian underpass site, the Sumners Road crossing is it - on the crest of a ridge...


I have to work in Perth quite often and enjoy the Perth cycleways.  the solutions the W.A. transport designers have applied are great for cycle paths crossing major roads, they keep the two modes of transport far apart, We certainly could learn some lessons from the West. Enclosed is a photo of a typical underpass from the west that would have worked beautifully under Sumners Road.


The ongoing maintenance cost of a underpass on Sumners Road would be far cheaper than the operating cost of a set of traffic lights, not to mention the reduction to interruptions to the traffic flow.... etc etc..

Hope some common sense prevails soon here in QLD.... I will send a email to the road action address..




That's *precisely* what they should have done at Sumners Road - do write to them and send them that image!


BTW: That could be a photo from the Netherlands, it's that good!


Where is Bicycle Queensland on all of these bikeway projects? The silence is deafening...

I didnt realise how advanced Perth's cycling infrastructure is. Is this pretty representative of the city for cycling?

Yes it is, its excellent, however there are different challenges to face, we have undulating hills in Bris and very little wind (relatively), over in Perth it is flat as, but you can have the fiercest head wind on the way to work and it can turn around and be there on the way home.

The difference I think between Perth cycling infrastructure and our Sumners Road issue is that the W.A. cycling standards or build profile templates seem to be mandatory, new road infrastructure requires purpose built cycling infrastructure as well, whereas in Bris it seems to be ad-hoc, we have an excellent section of bike-way around Richlands railway station which then fades into a shared Progress Road  and then gets worse with the Sumners Road interchange..... but all from the same road project.. but hey, it is way better than what we had before... it just could be better for the same money spent.......

Link to Perth maps :   

but hey, it is way better than what we had before...


Alas, this is kind of the problem we face.  Those of us that cycle will likely do it anyway, despite the lack of infrastructure.  We need to get REAL infrastructure if we want to realistically increase the number of people who use cycling as a true transport method rather than (or as well as) just a recreational past time.


"Build it and they will come!" they say - but they won't build it until the numbers are already there with enough momentum to make them.  Chicken and egg.


It is an interesting point, made by Paul, about ad hoc bike ways. I moved in from Ipswich last year and travel as little as possible out that way now. The new, UBEAUT, motorway is ever so slowly evolving into another over priced, under thought idea.

I note though when driving along this route, I have yet to see much in the way of bikeway being provided. I rode out to Ipswich last weekend and I think I had to add about 10 k in distance going through back streets etc. There is a big sign saying no cycles on the motorway, so obviously we have missed out again???

Or am I just blind and can't find this new addition?

Does anyone have a route suitable for the trip from the end of Centenary highway out to Ipswich?


PS. There is a ride for road safety out at ipswich on sunday morning. If anyone is interested check out the Yellow Jersey web site for more details. No I am not affiliated with Yellow Jersey at Ipswich.

This is the way I have done it. It's not pretty, particularly from Redbank onwards...

Route Map


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