Anyone else have fun with the new changes on Sumners Road this morning. The previously way too narrow traffic island / crossing is now blocked off and you have to ride down to the new traffic lights to cross the road.


Unfortunately I don't think its made things easier or safer for cyclists....

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I love the fact that its been almost two weeks and there are still large sections unpaved. I particulary like taking my road bike through gravel and 2 inch deep sand. I wonder if I fall off if I could sue the council?


BTW - Still no reply to my earlier email I sent to the project team. Can I suggest all other people affected by this please send emails - maybe some more people complaining will help ...


The email address is


Good idea.


I still don't understand why they installed an expensive crossing which took almost a year to complete when it was always just 'temporary' until the more permanent, and far worse option was created. What a waste of money... I wonder if those lights & banana bars will be scrapped too?

I have put a copy of my email to the authorities this morning below.



I rode the summers road bikeway yesterday, well what someone seems to think is a bikeway.

My question is, do you intend to make this a real bikeway and remove the bus shelter from the centre of the pathway, or at the very least provide a way to pass this shelter without having to dodge between the passengers waiting for the bus. At present this whole bikeway down the new roadworks appears very much like an afterthought. It certainly was not constructed or designed with any useful consultation with the bike riders that are likely to use it.


Please also be on notice that the soft sand and broken surface, which is not signed by the way, can cause loss of control and potentially injury to cyclists. Should I, unfortunately, have an accident I will be seeking compensation. You after all have forced me to travel on this poorly designed and executed pathway.


I look forward to your early response.




Ken Russ


Nice email.  I currently join on a little further along at Jindalee but this is going to really affect me and a mate I ride with in the next couple of weeks.  I hope that they get it resolved before hand but I am not holding my breath - as everyone said, this looks to be the "permanent solution."  Solution to what, those pesky bike riders not blocking up the traffic in the peak times?  That'll fix 'em!


On the good side, if (when) someone has an accident, at least they can catch the bus straight to the hospital!
And if the bus isn't able to collect you, that's another organisation available to sue! ;)

Better email than mine - nice Job !


Just an update. I rode home this way today and the bus shelter is gone and a new wider path is being built. Also on the northern side the path is complete and there are no more 'off road' sections.


I wonder if this was always the plan or if our complaints comments helped drive a change? If it was always the plan then its a sign that the council has to work harder on advising people what there plans are. The very hard to read PDF 'plan' doesnt have enough detail. 





BTW - got an email from the project manager. I replied and thanked him for addressing the main safety concerns.


Dear Shaun


Thank you for your email enquiry of 30 September regarding cycle ways near the Dandenong intersection and I apologise for the delay in responding to you.

The signalised pedestrian/cyclist crossing east of the Sumners Road/Dandenong Road intersection was installed as part of the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade: Wacol to Darra project to improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists across Sumners Road. 


The signalised crossing was a temporary solution until the completion of the upgrade of the Sumners Road/Dandenong Road intersection. 


As the dedicated signalised pedestrian/cyclist crossing has been decommissioned, pedestrians and cyclists will now need to dismount and cross at the new signalised intersection. 


The new concrete footpaths on each side of Sumners Road between the Centenary Highway and Dandenong Rd are "shared pathways (i.e. for use by both pedestrians and cyclists). There is also an on-road bicycle lane in each direction.  Cyclists, when travelling in the same direction as the traffic, have the option of riding in the bike lane or on the shared-use pathway.  When riding in the opposite direction, cyclists need to use the concrete pathway.

With regards to your concerns about the bus stop on Sumners Road, I can advise this bus shelter is being removed this week. The bus stop has been moved to Dandenong Street.

Further, I can advise the unpaved footpath sections on the path you refer to in your email will be asphalted this week until the final concrete sections are put in place. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

For cyclists travelling north along the Centenary bike path (i.e. in the same direction as the traffic when on Sumners Road), there are high-speed ramps in the following locations:

  • ·         on the westbound side:

-      from the concrete bike path down onto the on-road bike lane at the western extent of the works (where the bike path meets Sumners Rd near the old crossing point)

-       from the on-road bike lane back up onto the concrete bike path just prior to the new signalised intersection

  • ·         on the eastbound side:


-        from the on-road bike lane back up onto the concrete bike path prior to the Centenary Highway (about 20m before the old crossing point).


I trust this answers your queries.  In the meantime if you have any further questions about the Sumners Road upgrade, please contact the project team by emailing or phoning 1800 010 705


Thank you again for your email.


Kind Regards



Michael Potter

Project Manager


Clearly this guy (and his superiors...) doesn't ride a bicycle. If he does, he's probably a fair-weather-weekend-cyclist and almost certainly never needs to ride that route.


What a joke. Pity it's not funny.


Why couldn't they dig a small tunnel for cyclists continuing their journey along the freeway instead of this mess? Surely if they can dig monstrous tunnels underneath Brisbane they could dig a small one for the cycle path?


It is responses like this that clearly highlight that, despite the jaw-flapping, TMR *on the whole* doesn't really give a flying fudge about bicycles.

Hi guys . . Just to dive in here .. I understand that when the State Government upgrades the Sumner Road Bridge over the M5 they will be putting in a more direct link between the sections of the bikeway each side of Sumner Road. I have a copy of the plans and I hope it will be a tunnel and not a surface road crossing. This intersection is not controlled by BCC so they couldn't do anything with it. They will be removing the Western Roundabout and possibly the Eastern one too on Sumner Road both sides of the M5. They will be replaced by signalised intersections.

On a general note now that all the construction is finished at Sumner & Dandenong I think that traffic now is worse since they put in traffic lights. The car queue down Dandenong road in the morning can be horrendous. And if you have to drive a car out of Brownie Street and need to get into the left lane to go east on Sumner Rd . . forget it lol. At least before with the old roundabout the traffic moved slowly and it was easy to merge in. Now it is just gridlock. hopefully this will all be fixed when the State Government get of their ar*e and do build the above mentioned second bridge over the M5. - Mike

Hi Mike - I've heard noises about potential upgrades to the M5 but have never seen/heard about any plans. Can you share any more detail here? Are the draft plans available online?


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