Anyone else have fun with the new changes on Sumners Road this morning. The previously way too narrow traffic island / crossing is now blocked off and you have to ride down to the new traffic lights to cross the road.


Unfortunately I don't think its made things easier or safer for cyclists....

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So the crossing that was inconvenient has now be made even more so AND more dangerous.


Is that a permanent change then? If so, what a bloody waste of money installing that crossing and the lights. It would have been cheaper to just dig a tunnel under Sumners Road for cyclists. What is wrong with the people in charge in this place?

Looking at the project page ( it looks to be a permanent change.


Phase one will involve:

  • removing the temporary pedestrian and cyclist signalised crossing installed on Sumners Road east of Dandenong Road once the new intersection is operational  


It always looked pretty permanent to me :-)


This morning I basically had to go through the service station so I could be at the traffic lights and wait for a green right turn arrow. I had to make sure that the cars to my left weren't also turning right as the only ramp I could see back to the cycle (foot) path was at the same lights pedestrian crossing. Not the most well thought out design ... Hopefully the new bike lane on Sumners Rd will get a ramp back to the cycleway.


The only advantage I can see from this is that it wont be so squeezy for your Mango Sport Paul :-)



What a joke.


Would motorists using the Centenary Motorway be happy about being forced to exit, only to make a u-turn at the next exit and then head back to the motorway?


This is very disappointing and really highlights how TMR & Council really isn't at all serious about cycling despite all their jaw-flapping and promises.

...also the path on the northern side of Sumners Road is far too narrow to be designated a shared path. It's too narrow for a footpath as it is.

Decided to send an email to the project team asking for there thoughts on this. Email text below.



I noticed today that with the opening of the traffic lights at the intersection of Sumners Road and Dandenong Road that the previous crossing for cyclists along the highway is closed.

I cannot understand looking at the project plan what is the council preferred route for cyclists traveling along the cycleway. Are we meant to dismount and cross at the pedestrian crossing with the new lights. Additionally on the new Sumner Road Bike Lane (east bound) there does not seem to be any ramps to allow cyclists to re-enter the cycleway heading north ?

This is a major cycleway for commuters south of Sumner Park and I think there needs to be better communication and thought as to how they are meant to traverse this area.

Thank you in advance,

Shaun Moran

I like this in their 'brochure': 


"There is not sufficient road width to provide separated off-road facilities without encroaching on private property."


No, there isn't, particularly when they've added extra car lanes so that now there are 6 lanes for traffic and a traffic island... yeah, no room at all. Is there any point complaining or suggesting 'gold standard' infrastructure when it is clear that nobody is listening?


Shaun, did you include your photo from above of the bus shelter in your email?  It shows the ludicrous attempt at a bikeway very clearly, and I can't see how that picture can even remotely claim to be acceptable.

Unfortunately its even worse...


Commuting home south (to Forest Lake) I followed the official path. Went on the sidewalk on the northern side of Sumners Rd, Crossed at the lights on the pedestrian crossing and then started following the 'path' on the southern side of Sumners Rd only to come across this outside the Caltex Service Station:


Ignoring the offroad section (which are on both sides of the road and I assume will be fixed) there isnt a lot of room to squeeze past the ad on the bus shelter. Needless to say its also a blind corner and I hope a person waiting for a bus doesn't suddenly step out in front of a cyclist.


Not too much thought put into this one. The thing that annoys me is that its a step backward not forward.



What I don't understand (along with everything else about this...) is why they've chosen to deactivate the 'temporary (but very expensive) crossing' for cyclists before they've finished the rest of it. When it's all finished it's going to be awful but in the interim it's plain dangerous. I can't wait to ride there when it rains... 


This PR fluff about 'improvements for cyclists & pedestrians' makes me want to scream.



At least there is the road to the petrol station that we can use. This is the path I will be using (Love the new Image editing controls in OSX Lion :-)


That's precisely what I was thinking! It would be safer and probably faster (as we all know pressing those pedestrian buttons doesn't speed up the light cycle!).


It is just so disappointing to see what we end up with considering the road has been dramatically widened... this will be like this for years to come.


I've always thought that a tunnel connecting the two sections of the Centenary Bikeway, either side of Sumners Road, would be the best option. If we expect to see people using more bicycles it is going to have to be made more attractive and more convenient than driving. If not, why would anyone but the most keen bother to take the bike? Ho hum....

Hi, Yes I was confronted with this mess this afternoon when looking for a safer, longer ride out Centenary highway bikeway. I too was not impressed with the abomination that is now in place, including that wonderful bus stop in the middle of an already to narrow pathway. Must be good in busy bus times.

I have to say, my thoughts today was this bikeway is a, oops we're finished the road upgrade but I just know we forgot something. I know the bikeway, lets just throw a few bits of uneven, sinking concrete around and then dump the bikes back on the road at the bottom of the hill.


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