Stolen 7/11/2017 e-scooter Revo 1000 from RBWH, Herston

Hi all,

So I was walking to my bike this arvo and a staffer was talking to a security guard. His u-beaut e-scooter had been stolen today. $800 with of scooter that is.

Interestingly, the thief/thieves cut or broke the bike rack where it bolts to the ground. Pics of rack to follow.

If anyone knows of it or sees it lying about in some bushes, please let me know & I will let the owner know.

It's been a joy watching him cruise up the hill to park it. More people should use scooters I reckon, if bikes aren't their thing.

Revo 1000 e-scooter (without the seat. It's at home)

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Pics of rack ...

I won't be using the yellow painted bar anymore. The grey bars look a bit more robust.

Looking at the pics it looks like they just sheared the bolts from the ground. Was it done with a vehicle?

PM sent Steve via FB

Wow... I've often thought that bikes aren't stolen in Australia because they have little or no value. No value to sell and not really any value for transport. 

Clearly scooters are worth stealing though. Hopefully they get it back. Did they report it to the cops?

Yep reported in good time yesterday.

Any word?

Nope. Apparently his insurance paid out though.


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