hi, my work is moving from Westend (devastated) to Banyo (super devastated).  Im still planning on riding as much as I can, maybe driving somewhere south of the Gateway and then riding, but at least doing the full ride as often as I can.

I did a preliminary ride from Salisbury, through Coorparoo into Murarie and then onto the Bridge.

The problem is when i get off the Gateway to get to Banyo.  Early in the morning we did Nudgee road, but im not very keen on doing that during business hours during the week.

Is there another way to get to Kedron Brook?

I have also the route where I just go from Salisbury into the city, through roma st and past the hospital, through back of Albion and onto kedron brook at lutwych and then follow it all the way through that way.

But thought it mite be nice to have a loop for the commute.

Is there a better way?

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while we're on this subject, if i were looking to ride and park from murrarie to ride over the bridge.  Do we know of any park areas in murrarie that would be safe and avoid parking fines throughout the day?

Murrarie Train Station?

Your question does make me think that there could be an unfulfilled need for park'n'ride facilities around Brisbane (entrepreneurialism 101 - fulfill unfulfilled needs ... damn that lecturer for burning that into my brain :)

Only train stations and some bus stations currently provide park'n'ride facilities - and as far as I know there are none specifically for those who choose to drive part of the journey and then ride or walk the rest of the way.

Yes ... this could be part of the solution to road congestion ... I think I'll include this in the "list of demands" I'm compiling for the Queensland Government candidates in the electorate I live in. They've all told me what they want, but no-one has yet asked me what I want - but I'm gonna tell 'em anyway :D


Another thing about Murrarie Railway Station is that one end of the  Bulimba Creek bikeway is across the road from the station - and the other end of the Bulimba Creek bikeway goes down past the South-east Busway Park'n'Ride on Miles Platting Road at Eight Mile Plains which is only five or six kilometres east of Salisbury.

well, have done the first full commute from Salisbury to Banyo and it wasn't too bad.  Got to take advantage of the new stretch of V1 on the way into town.  Through Roma st and then onto Northern Bike way, into Kedron brook into Jim Soorley way to nudgee road.

Nudgee road into Banyo wasnt very pleasant, but i dont think there is much that can be done to avoid it.

Nudgee road into Banyo wasnt very pleasant, but i dont think there is much that can be done to avoid it.

Dont know the area so this might be rot but could you ?

- Turn left before Nudgee Rd up Hedley Ave

- Go through cemetery and over bridge to Virginia United Football Club

- Take Franklin and Killeen St up to the bike path to the left of Northgate SS.

- Bear right on bike path to Edgar St

mite have a bit of a look in this region.

what i did today was stuck to jim soorley way and didnt get off at the front of banyo, kept riding round the back and came out behind the nudgee golf course, into the back of catholic uni and then down to earnshaw that way. 

avoids 95% of the truck traffic.  adds about 6k to the route.

surprisingly am finding there is a lot of bike path infrastructure out on the northside.  it just doesnt quite join up smoothly which is strange.  seems like with a small bit of effort it could all link together nicely.

There are indeed some very good bike paths on the northside.  The trouble is that they are all "recreational" paths that run alongside the creeks.  It's very easy and cheap for the council to build these paths, and then boast about how many kms of paths that they have built.

The trouble is, that the paths do not connect well with each other, and mostly do not go where people want to go. 


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