hi, my work is moving from Westend (devastated) to Banyo (super devastated).  Im still planning on riding as much as I can, maybe driving somewhere south of the Gateway and then riding, but at least doing the full ride as often as I can.

I did a preliminary ride from Salisbury, through Coorparoo into Murarie and then onto the Bridge.

The problem is when i get off the Gateway to get to Banyo.  Early in the morning we did Nudgee road, but im not very keen on doing that during business hours during the week.

Is there another way to get to Kedron Brook?

I have also the route where I just go from Salisbury into the city, through roma st and past the hospital, through back of Albion and onto kedron brook at lutwych and then follow it all the way through that way.

But thought it mite be nice to have a loop for the commute.

Is there a better way?

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**depending on exactly where you are** I'd go past the golf course, and then follow the path to down fall creek. I would then take Bilsen road to shaw road and onto the brook like that. Bilsen road is a quiet suburban St but it does get a lot of rats in peak hour. You should be going to opposite way though. Should be quicker too. 

i guess, im sort of looking for the best route between the gateway bridge heading north to kedron brook, avoiding nudgee road.

got from heat maps this path (roughly the yellow line, the bottom of the image is coming off the gateway).

is this rideable?


My apologies. I thought you were trying to work out the Brook to Banyo...but it's gateway to the brook. I'm sure someone will be along momentarily with the solution!

Pretty sure Geoff used to do a very similar commute when he lived in Bris

Geoff used to go through the city and use the North Brisbane Bikeway.  He didn't go near the Gateway.

Gateway to Banyo?   I used to work near the Gateway Bridge and commuted from/to Redcliffe.  I would suggest using the Jim Soorley bikeway to Nudgee, then backtracking a little to Banyo.

From the end of the Gateway Bridge, turn right on Lavarack Ave, Left onto Holt St, a quick wriggle across Kingsford Smith Drv and onto Sugarmill Rd, left along Lomandra Drve and from there you can pick up the bikeway network through to Nudgee Rd at Nudgee.  Map (if the link works)

Oops, the map didn't show it properly, there's a bike path from Viola Pl (half way along Lomandra) through to the Jim Soorley bikeway.

that looks great!  ill have to get out there and try it.  thanks!

Lomandra is the worst bit, much better now that you really only have to use it for about 400m.  It doesn't have much of a shoulder for the first 200m or so.

I'm interested in your route from Salisbury to the Gateway bridge though.  I'm contracting at Archerfield on occasion and toy with the idea of riding home after catching the train to work.

pretty direct, not sure how this would be with more traffic, did it pretty early in the morning.

once you get to greenslopes, jsut up birdwood or you can cut across onto the bikepath that goes over toohey forrest and then comes out in salisbury and there you can go up orange grove road, or through evans road to beaudesert road, depending on which end of archerfield you need to be.


Ahh, I see.  Thanks.

did pretty much this exact route yesterday.  good that they have so many dedicated bike paths and definately good riding past the front of Banyo and coming back after the golf course.  thanks for the advice!


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