After seeing the post shopping for a commuter I thought I'd start a thread to show off your pride and joy that gets you to work.

So here goes

For solo commutes Frank(enbike) My all weather Puncture Proofed commuter

Avanti Monza (Steel frame aka Frankenbike)

Or if I have the kids in Tow

The only way to see the city

And post drop off

The Zigo Leader on Commuting Duty

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Noting what looks like bolt cutters in the rear rack there Aaron :-)

Hahah well spotted. That was the day Chris lost his key to his bike lock ..... NOT the unofficial grand opening of the Mann Street Bike Path.

Gee Aaron, how do you cope w such a crappy view?

lol, my thoughts also

There's a floor to ceiling window facing the other way just out of shot, too. I do have it rough.

It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

I used my 3 bikes to commute to work as a volunteer bicycle mechanic. I`ve got the `CELL Blade` for $350 from Western Sydney Cycling Network (WSCN) at Prairiewood,NSW next to Fairfield showground. It was the unclaimed stolen bike after 6 months in perfect condition that had been donated to bike shed from police so I`m the legal owner of it from Sept last year. They tried to sell it for $500 but I told him that I will leave the work so I got it less and they got me back. ;)

And flat bar bike is `Potenza Cattivo` named "Bad Black" for every day use of commuting/shopping rides in all weather. I`ve got 2 "Bad Black" bikes in case if it got problems so I have the ready bike to ride while I`m fixing it up when I get the free time to do it up.

CELL Blade 16 speed roadie. This pic was last year but I`ve put new Mavic CXP 22 wheelset and new London LTD ED Durano Plus tyres in it and put new chain and cassette too. Replaced the pedals with Crank Bros Candy 3 Blue pedals at a big discount from CELL Bikes online specials.

Potenza Catitivo 27 speed "Bad Black" is the colour of the paint. It is used in charity bike rides.

This is "Bad Black 1" as "Bad Black 2" is in hiding. ;) Ortlieb panniers, bar end mirrors, mud guards, Air Zound, Top Peak rear disc mount racks was added at a discount from online orders. "Bad Black 2" is in need of new chain and cassette. Got 8 spare SMP tyres at a great discount for "Bad Blacks". Got 1 tyre been worn out from too much skidding. :)


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