After seeing the post shopping for a commuter I thought I'd start a thread to show off your pride and joy that gets you to work.

So here goes

For solo commutes Frank(enbike) My all weather Puncture Proofed commuter

Avanti Monza (Steel frame aka Frankenbike)

Or if I have the kids in Tow

The only way to see the city

And post drop off

The Zigo Leader on Commuting Duty

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I don't commute too much but occasionally I have a meeting around the Valley and I'll cross the river on the ferry and ride the rest of the way. Most of my work is too random to make commuting fun.

On those commutes, as well as riding with the kids or to the shops my current main bike is this one :

It's a 2006 Bianchi Volpe cyclocross bike. Although it's bloody heavy and I couldn't imagine racing cross on it. It's got 9 speed Tiagra on it and currently has flat pedals with straps (the SPDs were on it on the day of this pic because I was playing cyclocross racing in the local park with my 7yo on the grass and bark...)

I keep thinking about selling this bike as it's a fraction too big for me, but it's a very useful workhorse :)

Nothing wrong with a heavy bike... I think Frank weighs in at about 15kg... (and I don't even want to think how much that Zigo kit weighs)

The commuter/trainer.

'Ole reliable china carbon CX frame botched up with with mudguards, dynamo f&r, lazy mans gearing and of course discs...

Is that a seat post mounted rack you've got on Frank? If so, how much weight can it carry?

Yeah it is. It's one of these

It's rated to 10kg, probably carries a little more than that with my laptop bag (with a 15inch MBP and iPad)

I did have one fail after 4/5 years (the clasp bolt sheered off) which was a little problematic but other than that it's been great. (also had the bag come off once, but that was user error)

I'm sure everyone has seen mine before, but here it is. Bog standard Gazelle Innergy with Basil panniers and East Berlin reflectors front and back. 27kg without a load in the panniers. I only use the electrics for hills.

unbreakable old ten speed. Spent $50 restoring it a couple of years back

Panniers and mudguards would be nice, but I might get myself another bike for commuting down the track and leave this as is

Me on my way to work ^

Okay I lie, that mango is not mine.
Here is my first commuter in its original configuration:

Just a GT hybrid with higher end hydraulic discs, Deore, etc. I cut a milk crate down by a third and zip tied it to a heavy duty Topeak Tourist rear rack. That rack was brilliant. I used to ride from Taringa to Griffith at Nathan every day. (The above photo was taken in Boondall Wetlands though)

One of the best things I did was buy a decent pannier:
Sheltering from a heavy shower in Aspley. Oh I added mudguards too. Made commuting along badly drained paths MUCH cleaner.

I often overloaded the pannier, rack, and the bike itself. Sometimes my gf would sit on the rear rack. It handled it well. But yeah, I obviously needed another pannier...

It was a brilliant little work horse. 

But it has now been retired from commuting.

The Gazelle Chamonix does everything the GT did, but better. Apart from go up hills. It is heavy.

Make breakfast on the run eh?

Well it does have a hub dynamo! Just need some heavy duty wires and a really big hill

I like that GT dirk

Here's mine at the moment, not the best photo I know.


Here's an old pic of what it usually looks like, although the rear rack has since been upgraded to something that takes a pannier and the basket is now on the Gazelle.



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