I have recently purchased a house in Birkdale. I would like to continue riding to work but am concerned about finding a safe route through to South Brisbane. It doesn't have to be a direct route and am happy to take a slight detour (~5km) if it means that I can avoid main roads that have no established bike lanes. 

I've used the BCC route planner but hoping to get some first hand experience and advice from those who live in the area.


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Hi Jeremy, the eastern part of Brisbane (in my opinion - disclosure: I don't live around there) is the trickiest/worst to commute from/to as there's very little by way of separated bikeway infrastructure.

While I think it's theoretically possible to do the commute safely, it'd practically involve you experimenting with different less direct routes (e.g., Agnew St & Britannia Ave, Morningside, and as many footpaths as possible while staying slow enough to be safe on them) and pulling over any time there's a cluster of traffic that's about to swamp up on you (cars here come in waves and it's usually possible to have the road to yourself for a couple of minutes at a time). It'll take a long time if you try to keep it up 5 days a week and I'd have to recommend a quality mirror for this type of ride (it'll ease your workload a lot).

I think most commuters simply opt to just go fast and hope for the best along Wynnum Rd & co, which is frankly not what I'd want to do. If I were in your situation, I'd consider packing a folding bike on a train and start by multi-moding it a few times a week before going all-in. Some people say they ride these types of routes regularly, but I also find they tend to be the same people who say they have several near misses a week. Meanwhile, I've never had a near miss with a driver - go figure.

All the best.

Jeremy I asked at work. From Birkdale - Wynnum Rd. My variation would be. Wynnum Rd left Rossiter [just prior to rail underpass] right Bartlett, right Jersey, left Ayr, right Richmond Waminda, 2nd exit down Bennetts, straight thru lights, 3rd exit Milsom, right Thomas, left over railway crossing Stanley. At Cavendish Rd intersection I slip up the footpath at Baxters then onto the road at Caswell then onto the road straight in to Sth Brisbane.

My commute in is from just above Ayr St. On Sat & Sun am I go Bennetts, Crown, Canara, Tiber, Stanley [buggerall traffic to merge after railway crossing]

Commute home, Stanley St path, Logan Rd, Nile, Wellington, left at path past pool table, Hampton, thru park, cross Longlands and Norman, right across Kingfisher Creek to Turbo, left onto path Norman Creek Path to Cavendish Rd. I path it Stanley St East Tiber Canara right under rail, left Waite [ Norman Park RWS] to road it up Bennetts etc



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