Hello fellow cyclists.  I am doing something big here.  Getting off 2 wheels and hitting the pavement for a good cause next April.

I would like to conduct some kind of bike ride (or engage the groups that get together on the weekends and do it regularly) to help me reach my fund raising goal of $10,000.  I've no experience in doing this, so any suggestions, assistance, or donations would be greatly appreciated!




In April 2012, I am going to run the Paris Marathon.  Yes, a staggering 42kms and by the end of it, I probably will be staggering.  But my effort is not in vain.

I am going to run this marathon in order to raise money for victims of domestic violence and support Australia's CEO Challenge, a unique Australian charity which works with corporate Australia and the violence prevention sector to create and sustain a world free from family violence – where homes and workplaces are places of safety and care. (http://ceochallengeaustralia.org)..

Most people do not realise that domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women living in Australia today. Every week, violence at home results in the deaths of two people, mostly women and children. Domestic violence is Australia’s hidden epidemic, the ugly issue that is difficult to face.

So... I need your support.

$10 will buy a teddy or soft toy to replace the one left behind when the family had to leave.

$30 will buy new underwear for the kids and mum so they don’t have to wear donated undies of the wrong size and gender.

$50 will buy toys and books for children who have entered a refuges to escape violence at home, or a haircut for mum to  help her feel better.

$100 will mean the family can purchase the basics such as toiletries, cleaning products, and pantry items needed to begin life again

$250 will pay for a workplace seminar to educate people to recognise and respond supportively to colleagues affected by domestic violence.

Every little bit helps and my goal is to raise at least $10,000 to make a difference.


You can make cash, cheque or credit card donations by going to http://www.everydayhero.com.au/elinorratcliffe

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will improve peoples lives.





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Hmmm... the silence is DEAFENING!

I don't have a problem with a donation, but do not like websites that request unnecessary details.

"everyday hero.com.au" are asking for my phone number and my street address, details which are not necessary to make a donation.

Thanks Doc.. donations are great, ideas on how to raise money are even better, was hoping somebody might give me some suggestions as per my question in the opening para.

I agree with you, I don't like giving those details either.  FYI, I don't actually get to see that info, only the name, but in those instances, I would simply enter 0411111111 as the phone number and "1 Prefer not to say" as the address. 


Good luck with that then - the first step of any journey is the hardest.

You should the donation on your site in a day or two I expect.

I've become all generous now - even the hirsute Mr Cox got a gong for moe-growing.

I think I might take a little lie down until it passes :(

Many thanks for your donation, tis greatly appreciated!

Hope you weren't too overwhelmed by that! lol

Thanks again!


Hi Elric

Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear of your experience.

I couldn't agree more with you and I make a habit of raising that when I have to talk about this in the workplace.  Unfortunately the charity I've signed up for promotes "women" more so than men and it is a pity that it's divided.  I'll do what I can to make sure that people understand it happens on both sides of the fence.  Yours isn't the first story I've heard about.

Hope things are better for you now.




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