hi all,

I will start a new commute leaving from Middle Park going to Logan rd, eight mile plains.

Is anyone able to assist with a route map suggestion?

This morning I tried a few variations using google maps ( one of them going through Ipswich Service road, not fun :) ), but found too many trucks on the way. I wonder if there is a better way.

Would love to hear from others that commute in the same direction.



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Tough commute Edge.

There's a chap Colin ? who rides everywhere, he might know.

Out of the 1 OSM and 3 Cycling Brisbane options, I think I'd go for the Bowhill Rd/Breton St option.

The OSM route is good, only problem is the western end of Cliveden Ave is very steep (if you go back that way) and I don't like the Sherwood Rd pinch points (crossing the railway line, crossing Oxley Creek). 

For the CB route, the problem is Boundary Road with no shoulder but there is a crappy footpath for the short part you are on. Hmmmm. Well, I generally like OSM GraphHopper except where it doesn't know your local circumstances.

Oxley Creek and the railway lines are significant boundaries.



https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Middle+Park,+Queensland+4074/Brisba...!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b914e7c97520acf:0x502a35af3de9080!2m2!1d152.9235338!2d-27.5536336!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b9144ba94ac7a37:0xf740f2432f7aed4f!2m2!1d153.094369!2d-27.577028!3e1 (Google - ride along the Ipswich Motorway - yeah, right)

Thanks Richard,

yes I tried these maps and 2 of them (google and OSM) told me to take the ipswich service road. not fun and it is actually blocked on construction work right now :)

I guess for now I'll take a train up to sherwood station and ride sherwood road straight until the V1 and follow the V1. This seems to be the safer route at the moment for my knowledge. 

Going via Centenary cycleway might take longer, but less stressful?

Sherwood Road through Rocklea doesn't have proper footpaths, let alone a bikeway. If you're brave, ride on the road.

I wish they would build a wide and direct shared path and/or bikeway along the full length of Sherwood Road.

Yes, it will. I guess what I wll do is ride to Darra station, take train to Graceville then ride from there to Logan road. I'm just taking the train to make the commute a bit faster :) Thanks for your help, Cameron.

Yes, that looks better and not too much longer. I guess if I lived there I'd still use Witton Rd both ways (SIGH) and on days when I didn't feel like it, go all the way to Sylvan Road and via the back streets of St Lucia.

I can't figure out exactly what the map route is around that massive Indooroopilly roundabout but it's all a pedestrian and cycling wasteland.

Edge, if you taking the train to Sherwood, then Sherwood Rd. Consider train it a couple of more stops to Indooroopilly RWS. Then Lambert Rd, the River Loop  thru Uni. Over the Eleanor Schonell Bridge. Annerley Rd, Kent Rd the back of PAH to the overpass over Ipswich Rd to V1 at O'Keefe St. bingo..less traffic

Good idea. I should try that also. :)

Thank you everyone for assisting with this.

Just as an update, after a week or so riding daily to my destination I decided that the best way for me is:

- to ride the centenary bikeway then get off at Indro and cross the indro bridge

- ride up to yerongpilly station, take a train up to altanti (15 min)

- and from altandi ride to my destination on Logan road. (via V1) 

I decided to take the train on the section I thought was more dangerous, at least for me.

Just leaving this itinerary here to help others looking for similar routes :)

have all a great day!


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