Road Rules Confusion - giving way at traffic lights

Hoping somebody can clarify something for me.  Below is an extract from the Queensland road rules legislation.
The other morning at the intersection of Land St and Patrick Lane at Auchenflower, I slowed down to let a long stream of cars turn left at the lights (across the cycling lane), which had clearly been delayed by the long procession of cyclists that were 20m or so ahead of me.  The driver of the first car was obviously confused so I gave it a wave to indicate I was giving way.  A guy came flying past me, hurling abuse at me as he did this, screaming that cyclists had the right of way.  I was always of the understanding that it was the other way around where there is a dedicated cycling lane.
So, off to the road rules, and I have copied it as a reference (below).  Am I still correct in interpreting this as cyclists must give way to vehicles turning left across the cycling lane?  If so, then I wish I could find this guy and tell him where to stick it!!
Appreciate any comments.
Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Road Rules) Regulation 2009
Part 15 Additional rules for bicycle riders
247B Giving way while entering or in a bicycle storage area
(1) A rider of a bicycle must when entering a bicycle storage area, give way to—
(a) any vehicle that is in the area; and
(b) if the area is before any green or yellow traffic lights, any motor vehicle that is entering or about to enter the area, unless the motor vehicle is turning in a direction that is subject to a red traffic arrow; and
(c) if the area forms part of a lane to which traffic arrows apply, any motor vehicle that is entering or about to enter the area at a time when those arrows are green or yellow.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
(2) A rider of a bicycle that isin a bicycle storage area that extends across more than 1 lane of a multi-lane road must, if the area is before any green or yellow traffic lights, give way to a motor vehicle that is in any lane other than the lane that the bicycle is directly in front of, unless the motor vehicle is turning in a direction that is subject to a red traffic arrow.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

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Nope, wrong rule - it's s141(2) - it's been discussed here.

"The rider of a bicycle must not ride past, or overtake, to the left of a vehicle that is turning left and is giving a left change of direction signal."

The vehicle must be doing both things, turning AND indicating to turn (this is so you can't get booked if someone happens to turn without indicating.

You were in the right Richard.  the section above only relates to bicycle storage areas (or 'bike boxes': the green square painted out in front of the stop line at some intersections designed to let bikes filter up to the front of the traffic queue).

s141 id the correct rule.  How it works is the bike can't overtake the car, but the car can't turn in front of the bike either. So basically traffic is supposed to 'merge' where there is a line-up of both cars in the right lane turning left and bikes in the left (bike) lane going straight. If the car was there first and starting to turn, you wait.  The next car, theoretically behind or at least beside you, has to wait for you.

Yet another example of how on-road bike lanes and our car-centric traffic rules just encourage mayhem and injury for cyclists.

Thanks guys, although I wasn't disputing the section of the reg, I obviously got it wrong.  Having said that it's still very ambiguous and I'm not sure I agree with you on the merging of bikes and cars.  If a car is indicating it's intention to turn left, it's turning left but obviously it can't if there is a bike to its immediate left and the bike is also travelling forward.  The reg is very unclear as to who gives way so is left open to interpretation.  That where I thought s247(b) was more specific because it was more clear on who gives way when.  If you don't think s247 applies, then when does it apply?

After the legal stuff's cleared up... At that intersection in similar situations, if there's space to do so I tend to adjust my speed and get behind one of the turning cars. They get to turn without worrying about me to their left, I go straight without worrying about them turning across me, everybody happy.

The problem with going to the right is in instances when the driver suddenly decides to not turn as indicated, and move in the opposite direction. The other problem is it leaves a gap for the car behind (continuing straight) to fill in, forcing you into a lane split position (which is legal, but I rather avoid it). Behind the car is generally much simpler, and allows me to focus on other things happening around me.

When it comes to traffic I am always going to take the safest option - usually that is being predictable and following the road rules - but if it is a situation where there is a chance the driver behind/coming up/next to me may not be sure - I am going to do everything to make sure I am in a position so that their unawareness/sillyness/lack of situational awareness or confusion over road rules means I do not get squished.  If that means I risk copping a fine - so be it. Rather that than the alternative.  

Fortunately, this is very very rare. 


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