I was wondering if anyone else had some details about the "[PLANNED] Delivering a new separated riverside bikeway between Twigg Street and the Walter Taylor Bridge in Indooroopilly". I found this in the Julian Simmonds (LNP) flyer... I think a separeted bikeway is desesparetly needed. Going all the way to Witton Barracks on the other side of the Walter Taylor bridge would suddenly open so many possibilities that is actually quite amazing that it does not exists yet. Don't hesitate to let your councillor know about this.

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This section of the park aligns with the future transport bridge and holds the highest amount of flexibility and adaptation for future infrastructure needs. It is proposed that this section of park would house an internal road and on-site car parking that aligns with the future bridge path. This section may also be adapted to include buffer planting, additional car parking, or a distinct urban play environment (as suggested by the imagery below).

(page 9) does that mean a "future transport bridge" would be on the other side of the Jack Pesch bridge? I like having the view of the river and people rowing from the bike bridge in the mornings :-( looking at and hearing car traffic would be much worse.

I think the whole idea of a new bridge there is stupid, it's just shifting bottlenecks - there's so many of them, like one lane near the Eldorado cinema, one lane on Clarence Road if the new bridge connects to that, further towards the city, two lanes near the RE - I just can't see that a bridge could be a "solution" to "congestion" even applying the usual insane "widening roads cures congestion" logic.

Yes, I expect you're right about the alignment of the bridge and landing at Coonan/Westminster intersection. I went to the feedback session Saturday morning at the Witton Barracks, 9 Lambert Road and talked with one of the BCC officers. He indicated that the existing Walter Taylor bridge (opened 1936) has a 100 year lifespan for road usage. 

So perhaps it is not a duplicate bridge, but instead a replacement bridge. It is a fair compromise if this is confirmed.

It would be terrible for congestion and a waste of space if they built a "park and ride" carpark underneath the bridge. Instead, they could allocate a good amount of the park/space underneath the bridge to bikeway usage / bicycle parking. See my previous post for picture. 

In the future the Radnor Street / Indooroopilly bikeway will land here and Jack Pesch bridge is already there, which will make it an ideal bike hub location with high quality bicycle parking. 

People can multi-modal commute via bike, leave it at "Witton Barracks / Indooroopilly station secure bicycle parking", then continue via train. Also, students at UQ or a local school can leave bikes parked here, then depart the train station and hop on their bike for the remainder of the journey.

Please fill out the BCC survey!


Or here:

The playground ideas and repurposing of buildings looks good. However, my main concern is the car park. There are major safety concerns with entering and exiting the Jack Pesch bridge path onto Lambert Road, at the entrance to the planned car park.

Access from Lambert Road to the Jack Pesch bridge path sorely needs improvement. Instead of a car park they should build bicycle parking and safe routes to the train station for people riding bikes.

Here's the first public info on the plan for "Stage 1"


I think it would have made more sense to build Stage 2, the connection to Jack Pesch bridge first, but ... (I've sadly learned you can never be too cynical, much of what CrNicJ tweets about should be scandalous...) ... BCC hasn't decided whether to build a new car bridge across there, or when ... and if they do, there'll be big money for "construction mates" in that, and in making Oxley Rd a four lane urban freeway (apparently it was planned to be a primary bike corridor once).

i wish that was in place when I lived there. life would have been so much simpler.


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