I was wondering if anyone else had some details about the "[PLANNED] Delivering a new separated riverside bikeway between Twigg Street and the Walter Taylor Bridge in Indooroopilly". I found this in the Julian Simmonds (LNP) flyer... I think a separeted bikeway is desesparetly needed. Going all the way to Witton Barracks on the other side of the Walter Taylor bridge would suddenly open so many possibilities that is actually quite amazing that it does not exists yet. Don't hesitate to let your councillor know about this.

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I'd love to see more details about it. We've been asking for something like that for ages. So long as it goes under the bridge and links to the bikeway on the other side, not just links to the Radnor side of the bridge ... because getting across is the worst bit. 

I remember actually facebooking that idea to Julian Simmonds last year (based off I think it was Rhubarbs suggestion) - he responded thinking it was a pretty good idea - because the LNP are actually hoping to build another car bridge along side the train line. 

It would be really great to be able to ride from Radnor Street up to the Station going towards St Peters without having to go around the railway station!!

Wasn't that the point of them trying to get hold of the ADF land on the north side of the river/ocean side of the bridge?  Make a new (not needed) car bridge and connect the cylists from west of the bridge to the bike bridge?

Don't build another car bridge there! I've read that the Witton Barracks site is meant for historical tours and public parkland. Linking Radnor Street underneath the bridges, then looping around onto the Jack Pesch shared bike and pedestrian bridge would be fantastic!

Here are my initial ideas for improvements around that area. New bikeway links are dark blue lines. Having a bikeway above the railway line from Keating Street, Indooroopilly to Harrys Road, Taringa would be ideal. Even better if it extended all the way to the corner of MacDonell Street and Benson Street, Toowong to link to the UQ bikeway and the Bicentennial bikeway near Glen Road.

Green squares indicate potential bicycle parking facilities.

Red lines are where inexpensive widening of footpaths will greatly improve accessibility.

Yellow lines are a current on-road alternative to the red lines with less hills.

Unfortunately with the current screwed up relationship between Qld State government, Qld Rail and BCC the blue line along the train line will never happen. It is unfortuantely the only sensible link between Toowong and Indoorpilly as its the most direct and flattest but those organisations would never be able to reach agreement (or QR give up their land).

Perth and Melbourne (along with a lot of other cities around the world) have cycle paths alongside the trainline. Below is a video of me in Perth cycling along the line out west.


One of the things I discovered when planning and advocating for "Rhubarb Way", was BCC's online planning tool.  From this you can get access to what is currently planned for future implementation, including bike infrastructure.

This is where I discovered the plans for cycle path connectivity from Centenary bikepath along Witton Rd, Twigg St, Radnor St, under Indooroopilly Bridge where it will connect to the Jack Pesch Cycle Bridge and bike path.

The really good news is that Stage 1 is already planned for delivery in next council term, ie 2016-2021, but this will only connect from Centenary bikepath to Coonan St Indooroopilly, ie it doesn't include the path under the bridge to connect to Indooroopilly / St Lucia.

That final connection under the bridge is Stage 2, and that has an estimated year of completion listed as "2026-2031", ie its another 15 years away.  Which means my year 6 son will be long finished uni before the connectivity ever arrives - sigh.

Here's the link to the planning tool for your weekend pleasure:

BCC's Online Interactive Planning Maps

Here's the good news on Stage 1 !!!!!

And here's the long wait for stage 2 - grrrr.

Its especially annoying since its costed at only $660k, but would add so much benefit / connectivity.

Do you know what those green dashed lines are meant to represent ? 

yes I do. :-)

The dark green, light green and yellow dotted lines represent the planned primary, secondary and local cycling routes.

All will be revealed if you do the following:

  1. Click on the link to the online tool above
  2. Click on "Map Contents"
  3. Click on "Overlays"
  4. Click on "Bicycle network" 

Seems like Chris Turnbull (Greens) is sharing our vision about the potential for this bikeway, see his post on


I did send questions to Julian Simmonds asking more details about what he is promising on his flyer, still no answer. I also asked the labor candidate if he had any plan, still no answer.

As much as I would like to have an upgraded Sylvan road bikeway (I am commuting there alsmost every day), I don't understand why this one would not have a higher priority. Even the 10 millions Moggill road cycling bridge is not justified in my eyes, compared to this project. I guess this is a number game, but the number on Radnor St are probably so low because of the poor infrastructure, not because of a lack of interest from commuters.

There'll always be more interest to upgrade links that are already being used. 

Radnor Street is bloody awful, but it is essential to provide a quality link from the Western Suburbs to the University, St Peters and Indro high. 


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