Big mix of Brisbane (many i commute on) and Overseas pictures with a scale of 1-5 on your perception of Safety.  Not overly enamoured with the wording of the scale as I don't WANT to ride extra distance to partake of good cycle infrastructure, but due to the fractured infrastructure we do have I DO have to travel further to use it.

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I'm ticking boxes and thinking "No Shit Sherlock" as the answer for each safe/not safe question ....

"Not overly enamoured with the wording of the scale as I don't WANT to ride extra distance to partake of good cycle infrastructure,"

Exactly Geoff. By my reading there is a fundamental design flaw in this survey.

The 'positive' answers:

  • Feels safe, I would sometimes go the extra distance to ride here.
  • Feels very safe, I would go the extra distance to ride here most days.

Of course, where I use a specific bit of infrastructure depends on how far it is in terms of distance.

For instance, the first bikeway seems very convenient, but if it adds 20km to my commute, then I'm not going to take it obviously even if it does seem safe.

It looks as though they're trying to draw out which of their standard designs are actually attractive to cyclists. An interesting example was the off-road path crossing hundreds of driveways. I'd always ride on the road outside the door zone in that situation (at least on a quiet road).

I think people are getting a bit too worked up on the "go out of my way to use" bit of the answers. In reality I think they're just asking if it was available say parallel to a major road, would you go the extra 500m to get on and off it rather than ride on the major road itself.

For example, I happily use the Western Freeway bikeway every day even though Moggill Road footpath would be less distance. 

That's exactly the point they're asking. 

This thread by itself proves the wording is ambiguous. 

Obviously a few people have a few different interpretations - and because of that, makes the survey design fundamentally flawed.

Perhaps. I simply ignore the caveat and just rate them on Very unsafe, unsafe, OK, safe, very safe. 

See but thats the issue - each user will have different perception of the meaning of the questions and answer accordingly - meaning the results are fairly useless. 

They might be better off asking people who don't cycle regularly what they consider to be safe/unsafe etc. They're the sort of people that we all want to encourage to cycle more often.

Why would anyone go via that route?

Because it is at least well lit and reasonably populated even late at night and doesn't go past pitch-dark Anzac Park plus no-person-in-sight freeway. Plus it's over 2km of detour for me to go home via the WF path. So after 10pm, Moggill Rd footpath it is for me, and every single time it hurts to think just how little work could turn it into a really good route. 

Also, if I need to pick up groceries, going via the WF path would add another km, while on Moggill Rd, it's just on the way.

Alright alright. Bad example :P


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