Well - since these lovely new laws I'm now getting close shaved most days.  Some are really quite close.    I'm not concerned about the letter of the law - if someone is reasonable and does what they can I'm not going to argue the toss, but when I've got a mirror passing within a foot or so of my bar ends for no good reason that concerns me.

On Scott Emmerson's recommendation I've got myself a rear facing camera... so I've got footage of these close encounters.  In the last week alone I've had about four close shaves.  Two of which are very blatant and in clear violation of the new laws.  The footage is good and the plates visible.

So, I was considering following the cycle template and reporting both instances.  

This is a pretty significant time commitment - I'd reckon an hour for each one.  Given how often this is now happening I was wondering whether anything will actually happen.  

Has anyone reported this stuff and heard of any action or am I just wasting my time?

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I think it's simpler than that, it's not the cyclist's behaviour that becomes the story, it is the fact that he's a cyclist. Two blokes getting out of a car and getting each other's face happens all the time, but this is newsworthy because (a) it is about a 'cyclist' behaving badly, and (b) there is a photograph of an atypical cyclist that taps into the 'us and them' archetype.


I don't condone the cyclist's behaviour as reported, but I find it interesting when I reported a driver a few weeks ago who got out of his car, kicked my bike over, and took a swing at me ...... Nothing.

I'm sure the Courier-Mail would have been keen to report on that. ....

I reported a young man who hung out the back of his mates car and tried to hit me with his hat but couldn't reach.  All on film, reported to the police... but unless they actually hit me it's all good apparently.

Obviously gave you 1m passing distance 

OK, just an update.  I sent off two reports on the weekend.  Both were submitted exactly as per the cycle template.  One at Mt Glorious, and one at Payne road the gap.  

The one at The Gap was on a 50kph section of road that was at most 3m wide.  The video clearly shows the vehicle passing the cyclist behind me within the lane.  The vehicle including mirrors is basically 2m.  No matter how generous you are in every way, there is just no way you can fit a 2m car and a bike in 3m and give 1m passing distance.  Black and white.  Anyway, the police officer from the Gap tried to talk me out of trying to push the case.  I went in and saw him and brought the video (they couldn't see the youtube link).  After watching the video that he's talking about speaking to prosecution to see if it's a winnable case.

The Mt Glorious pass was another similarly watertight case.  Clear video of a car passing withing a narrow lane.  In this case, in a 70 zone so requiring 1.5m.  It's just not mathematically possible... black and white again. No response on this one so far.

I'm prepared to push these for the cause.  As far as I'm concerned - these cases are ideal.  Both very clear violations of the new law and I have technical support to offer too.  If neither of these can be prosecuted then the 1m law is only of value if you are hit and cameras are only of value as "coroner cam".  What is clear is that the QPS need some clear guidelines on how to implement this law.  Making a complaint is a big deal - and requires a lot of work on behalf of the complainant.  So far I've spent at least half a day on this - and I suspect there will be many more to come if it goes ahead.  We should be clear that it isn't just a case of popping the footage into the cops and having a ten minute chat and you're done.

I remain convinced that the cycling community has taken a lot of medicine for this law.  At this point... I'm pretty sure the sugar we were offered is actually salt.  Properly f@#$ed over..

At least you're having a crack Steve.  If it comes to nought then it is time to push it up the ranks, Police Commissioner and the Politicians.

Youtube links for these infractions?

The videos are prepared for the police, so have personal details in them.  Apart from that - I don't think it's really fair - nor would it be helpful to release them to the public.  

Fair enough, you just mentioned youtube so I thought they'd be generally available.

Check your inbox.  ;)

Through the power of the interwebs, I have obtained an extract of Steve's video for you Geoff.  This is the part which reveals Steve's Garmin readings at the time of the passes.


Was surprised at the power I apparently put out this morning at one point of my commute.


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