Well - since these lovely new laws I'm now getting close shaved most days.  Some are really quite close.    I'm not concerned about the letter of the law - if someone is reasonable and does what they can I'm not going to argue the toss, but when I've got a mirror passing within a foot or so of my bar ends for no good reason that concerns me.

On Scott Emmerson's recommendation I've got myself a rear facing camera... so I've got footage of these close encounters.  In the last week alone I've had about four close shaves.  Two of which are very blatant and in clear violation of the new laws.  The footage is good and the plates visible.

So, I was considering following the cycle template and reporting both instances.  

This is a pretty significant time commitment - I'd reckon an hour for each one.  Given how often this is now happening I was wondering whether anything will actually happen.  

Has anyone reported this stuff and heard of any action or am I just wasting my time?

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You have to let the Minister for Police and the Transport Minister know these new "requirements" for doing the police's job for them as well as the officers name.

Notwithstanding that I have always considered the 1m rule a cop out by the government to placate certain sections of the cycling community, I wonder what the officers response would be if motorists demanded the same requirements for multiple cameras and positive driver identification for red light and speed camera offenses?

All - today I have the update.  The Acting Assistant Police Commissioner has reviewed the truck close pass at Redcliffe.  They don't intend to take any action against the truck driver - but I suppose I should consider myself lucky that they aren't going to book the victims.  I'm unclear what for but I think they were trying to cook something up to teach those pesky bike riders.

Anyone who argues that anything has been learnt from Richard Pollett's death - or that riding conditions are better for the 1m rule in QLD will meet a very strong argument against the case from me.  

Following receipt of your email on 18 November 2014 in relation to the specific issue at  Redcliffe on 9 October 2014 I can advise that the matter has been reviewed by the District Officer at Moreton District. He has personally reviewed the investigation completed by his staff. I have been advised that at this time no action will be taken against any party. 

Give me a call if you can, Steve.


These videos are from 18 March 2017 - a driver turns left from the Sir Fred Schonell Drive right hand lane while going straight through a red light.

I submitted it via cyclists complaints online, I asked for follow up, but heard nothing until I wrote to the police minister about this one and two others - when I got a letter six months later saying there was not enough evidence for prosecution.

I called Indooroopilly police sergeant who didn't call me back - I called her again today and she said we brought the driver in and decided just to give him a caution. The police weren't even sure based on the video whether he'd gone through the red light (i.e. they didn't put any effort into analysing it).

The driver said several of his flatmates could have been driving the car and had no recollection because it was a few weeks ago.

The old "I don't know who was driving" ploy worked!

The police know very well they could have issued the owner with a fine based on https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-19... 

but it must be just too much hassle. If you can't get a fine for that driving, the police will never issue a fine for a close pass.

Combine that with the attitude of the Indooroopilly police and nothing will ever happen to any of your complaints. Save your time. I did say to the officer it lowers my faith in the police.



It always amazes me when drivers do this. Such disrespect for other life.

What a sad state of affairs if the official procedure gets a poor response and escalation gets the same.

That's crazy. 

Isn't it sad that we feel the need for cameras at all.

I wonder how many riders in Holland have cameras fitted??

In Australia the assumption of innocence is with the motorist. It's up to the VRU to prove they were not at fault. 


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