Well - since these lovely new laws I'm now getting close shaved most days.  Some are really quite close.    I'm not concerned about the letter of the law - if someone is reasonable and does what they can I'm not going to argue the toss, but when I've got a mirror passing within a foot or so of my bar ends for no good reason that concerns me.

On Scott Emmerson's recommendation I've got myself a rear facing camera... so I've got footage of these close encounters.  In the last week alone I've had about four close shaves.  Two of which are very blatant and in clear violation of the new laws.  The footage is good and the plates visible.

So, I was considering following the cycle template and reporting both instances.  

This is a pretty significant time commitment - I'd reckon an hour for each one.  Given how often this is now happening I was wondering whether anything will actually happen.  

Has anyone reported this stuff and heard of any action or am I just wasting my time?

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Let me start by saying your experience is, as we have discussed over beers, definitely not mine.  My experience has been that the 1/100 crazy is still going to be crazy, but the majority of drivers who don't even think about these things (and therefore more likely to hit you by accident) are thinking about these things and are giving plenty of room. Is there a pattern to where/when you are experiencing these close shaves? I know on my route home, there's some roads I can practically guarantee an incidient, so I avoid them.  Mostly the busy roads with a BAZ stencilled halfway under the parked cars.

As for the template, I spent a morning having a good long chat to the guy who drafted Cycle's template, and he has had success with it.  I think from memory at least 4 incidents he's reported have been acted upon by the police. My own experience, however, is different.  After a couple of incidents of a lot of time and effort, I heard absolutely nothing back from the police (not including one incident, reported afew years ago, where the police officer told me there's no offence for a driver to braske-check me and threaten to run me over if ever he saw me on 'his' road again).

I've been riding pro hours a bit more of late due to my hatred of the cold - but I've never seen it this bad.  I might have been shaved once ever six months before the law change - but it's now happening daily, and sometimes multiple times.  

It would appear the gain has been turned up on motorist behaviour.  People are either really good, or **really** bad..

Did you fully use our method?
Did you provide us with a copy of it so that we can follow it up?
i know that Ed has been chasing up any that we have copies of.

Stephen, the incidents I bothered to report were quite a while ago, before your template.

I recently reported a close pass with video evidence via the hoonline forms and got the response they weren't going to investigate.

For others looking for the Cycle.org.au process, look here:-


But please make sure you send us a copy if you are using this.
We have had cases of the police contact us to discuss individual cases, but we did not have any information to go on.

If you don't report it then there is no chance that something will be done to change the idiots' behaviour.  If you do report it then there is some chance that something will be done which might change the idiotic behaviour.  If the idiots realise that any bike rider could be recording their idiocy then they might change their ways even if the cops don't charge them.

Simple - report each and every incident every time. I'm sure someone is keeping stats, and therefore it is important that every incident is reported.

Fair call... problem is each report is around an hour of work.  And it's happening to me most rides these days.  That's a lot of overhead...

True, but you may be in a unique position to possibly stop the idiotic behaviour before a serious injury or worse happens.  God knows the police won't do anything of their own volition.

Agreed Wayne.

Big Steve, if you get more than 1 a day, pick the worst 1 or 2 to report each day.

Like Aaron I'm a bit surprised at the amount of problems you're having. I'd be interested to hear your answer to Aaron's question about whether there's any pattern to time/place that you experience this stuff. Im not sure if I find things better or not. They sort of feel better but it might be more wishful thinking on my part. I certainly don't think its gotten worse though. I've been surprised at how well-known the laws are amongst the non-cycling community. I get the feeling many are quietly a bit peeved by the laws but they don't really express it to me directly as its usually part of a conversation where we have talked about my superhero fitness powers that allow me to ride a bicycle or walk to the shops :)


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