I wanted to share out here, in an effort to motivate other victims of hoons to do the same, that the Police actually takes the matters reported on their "hoonline" online page below seriously:


Indeed, I just got a call from an Officer who has one of the cases I reported, and he assured me he was actually going to give the alledged offender a ticket. However, the latter will have an opportunity to not accept it, as I didn't film the scene, therefore it will be my word against his. Although I may have a chance to defend it in Court, should I want the matter to be dealt with further. It is motivating, and reassuring, that democracy wins, at least victims are believed, which is not always easy to acquire.

Anecdotically, I've been filming all my mid-week rides since my last incident with that truck, that came to me to swipe me on a wide and desert Beaudesert road at night, then changed lane back into the middle lane and pursued their route. That was without counting on a sprint to chase it and finally got their number plate at the next red light, that became green early, but not too early... Therefore, the whole case was only relying of a plate number and my testimony.

Conclusion: I can only suggest that everybody who has a close and unwanted encounter with a vehicle, or another kind of hindrance, to spend 5-10 minutes (it won't take longer) to report it here:

https://www.police.qld.gov.au/apps/reports/cyclistComplaint/, and if possible to attach a video with it.

At least the other party receives "the right message", even if the matter doesn't go further, it sends the message that it is not okay to perpetrate such a behaviour. By word of mouth, it can also spread to our favour.

Of course, to get swiped this way, you have to first ride on, er...the road!

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