So my wife's employer has moved to a new building in the valley.  It's a pain to get to with PT from many places, as it is from our place.  One of the promised benefits to employees was the new cycling end of trip facilities that were decidedly average to non existent at their previous premises.  The facilities at the new building are excellent and have proven extremely popular up till now.

Today she finds out today that her building is charging her employer at the rate of $50 for bike parking plus a locker or $30 just for a locker (I presume it includes change room).  They are passing this cost onto staff.

For a part time employee it basically means that it will actually be more expensive to ride to work than to catch the bus.  That is of course completely ignoring any costs with buying or running the bike.  

I think government at some level should make this practice illegal!  I believe buildings get green stars awarded for bike parking with likely rate/approval discounts... but it doesn't mean they have to be used.  I thought we wanted to encourage people to ride..

I always had a philosophical disagreement with the cycle centre as I thought it was a way for employers to bypass their obligations to provide employees with facilities.  


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Yes, by operating EOT it enables new buildings to get planning concessions, and a cut on rates. We've seen several charge their tennants for the privilege too, effectively double dipping. 

I'm pretty sure when the government set up the legislation that they didn't think anyone would actually charge for use of the facilities so didn't mention it. 


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