So my wife's employer has moved to a new building in the valley.  It's a pain to get to with PT from many places, as it is from our place.  One of the promised benefits to employees was the new cycling end of trip facilities that were decidedly average to non existent at their previous premises.  The facilities at the new building are excellent and have proven extremely popular up till now.

Today she finds out today that her building is charging her employer at the rate of $50 for bike parking plus a locker or $30 just for a locker (I presume it includes change room).  They are passing this cost onto staff.

For a part time employee it basically means that it will actually be more expensive to ride to work than to catch the bus.  That is of course completely ignoring any costs with buying or running the bike.  

I think government at some level should make this practice illegal!  I believe buildings get green stars awarded for bike parking with likely rate/approval discounts... but it doesn't mean they have to be used.  I thought we wanted to encourage people to ride..

I always had a philosophical disagreement with the cycle centre as I thought it was a way for employers to bypass their obligations to provide employees with facilities.  


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Not good, and it goes against the grain of what society need in high congestion areas especially.

BTW - is it $50 per week or month?

I know all new buildings must provide bike and change facilities, but I'm not sure what regulations there are around passing this cost on.  Further, I guess her employer also has taken that choice to pass it on.  I know my employer pays for car parking in our building (and 2 x bays for bike parking), but does not pass this on to staff, so I guess its really a question for her employer.

Sorry, it's $50 a month.  It's still being clarified if you have to pay for the time when you are on leave.  Given she works at the office two days a week it's certainly not going to be financially cheaper.  

Full time people would have a better case, but when you consider most people who ride will be people that are relatively small distances who don't pay high PT fees the charges will be a big dint on savings.  

Yeah - bus fare from Brookfield to city is over $50 per week, but part time is different.

I've just had word that due to the popularity of this they have emailed a link to the free BCC bike parking facilities and they were also invited to consider using the cycle centre in King George Square (30 minutes walk) or at the hospital (20 minutes walk) if they were dissatisfied with the costs.

When I was interviewed for my current job, one of the questions I asked was about bike facilities.  Travel logistics are very real for new applicants.  I guess your wife is at a disadvantage given its a change by an existing employer.

Wow, that's just insulting.

Hi - I work for this company as well and just to clarify it will be $50 + GST per month which is probably a little steep.  This is being charged by the landlord and our employer has declined to cover it.    I guess I want to know is if there is any council or government regulation about provision of shower facilities for a work place.   I suspect it is only if employees engage in work that would cause them to get dirty.  However, if any one knows that may provide us some negotiating.  

Thanks any info will be appreciated

Appalling prices for bike parking. One reason some people ride is because it's free (minus bike running costs). When I found out the price of the RBWH cycle centre I gasped.

Give me the free parking thank you very much, Showers are free in the buildings and very good.

If I had a very expensive bike I may consider secure parking only for $20/mth or whatever it is there.

May I suggest a whopping great lock if the bike is parked in a public space and ride slowly if there are no showers/change facilities are available.

I paid $100 for a New York Standard D-lock, but I reckon it's the only lock I will need to buy as I don't expect to have to replace it.

Ouch. Where I work the (very good) end of trip facilities are free, including towels.

A folder is an option (mine lurks under my desk) but depending on if you need a shower or not this may not help.


Not sure if it's viable but would PT into the city, then citycycle to valley work?

Does the building charge for car parking?

So does anyone know of any other employers that charge their employees for bike parking and lockers?  Is there any precedent?


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