Rail trails are generally a good thing and the good folk of the Northern Rivers (the NSW northern rivers) are raising money to pay for a survey of bridges and railway corridors and such before they can can ask the NSW government for some grant money to build a rail trail. Yep, that's how they roll south of the Tweed.

Anyway, it cost about $70,000 to get the trail studied and so far $50,000 has been crowd funded and there's only a week of crowd funding to go ... so, for this very worthy project which is, after all, in the south-east Queensland back yard so to speak, a bit of help from north of the border might just get them over the line.

If you can spare a few dollars, maybe throw some their way to get this rail trail off the ground...

See Northern Rivers Rail Trail if you want to help.

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This would be awesome. 

An update on this ... the funding drive has passed $65,000. A northern rivers rail trail from Caino to Murwillumbah going past Byron Bay would be a babulous ride

Babulous? Is that fabulous but with plenty of babes?

I don't know what the embarrassed emoticon looks like, so either

a) I don't type all that well on a tablet on the train (actually true)
c) I've been spell-checked (unlikely)
c) I don't read what I write before I press "send" (almost always true)
d) I just made up a new word (it's a good word ... you're welcome)
e) All of the above

In any case, the crowd-funding is over $73,000 and I know they will reach their target of $75,000 in the few hours left because I can make it so if they don't now.

So, it's not yet a "dead-cert" this rail trail will happen, but with two local Councils tipping in $100,000 each and support and the Northern Rivrs Rail Trail tipping in $75,000 and community support to have a study and business plan made for a grant submission it is now very likely to happen I think.


The Crowd fund got there last night. Ta for the link I shot it around a little circle and it was the impetitus for me to lay some $ down. I've been watching this lot for a bit. Cheers


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