Hi guys I am looking for some parts for my vintage Raleigh build.

Mostly I am after a set of 27x1 1/4" wheels with a cassette hub in a reasonable condition. If not a whole set a single piece will be good too.

Also, if anyone has a bar end shifter to sell I will be very grateful. 

Can anyone recommend where to look for old bike parts in Brisbane?



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Sorry don't have anything like that. Two shops that tend to do older things are Bicycle Revolution (West End) and Rydgeway Cycles (Stafford).

I suspect that Bicycle Revolution is no more, but I could be wrong.

Sadly, you are correct Terry. Bicycle Revolution are no more.

Yes, it is closed. They apparently moved to StreetArtCycles in Margate St but I am not sure if they still recycle bikes. 


I'd still give ridgeway a call!

I'd be hitting up Ridgway Cycles.

That being said, bar end shifters are a touring thing, so Epic Cycles will have something too.

Not sure if these are what you are looking for, they are not a pair, but both came from an old Peugeot. Probably 27x1.

You're welcome to drop by and see, if you're near Kenmore.

If you roughly calculate the bead seat diameter it should be 630 mm.

Thanks for the offer! Are they steel or alloy? And is it 5 speed cassette at the rear?


It's a 6spd cog on a Mavic (made in France) rim, wearing a 700x23 tyre. The front has no branding but is wearing a 27" tyre. There also should be some other bits from that bike, as we only wanted the frame. No bar-end shifters though, think it was dropbar shifters.


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