Health insurance is in the news again ...

More effective treatments are increasingly becoming available to be used to improve the length and quality of our lives.

In a sense we could say that buying and using a bicycle is our health insurance.

Many (non-riders) would consider riding a life-shortening activity however.

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He should read this: but not the comments.  Last night they were mostly "NO we need MORE parking, cheaper"!

Found this link off your link..

Fact: Expecting people to drive to railway stations puts an artificial limit on the number of passengers the train system can support. Car parks are expensive to build and maintain, are space-intensive, lock up valuable real estate near stations, and require public transport users to own just as many cars as if public transport didn’t exist. In well-patronised rail systems around the world, most train passengers arrive at the station by feeder bus or tram, not by car; it would simply be impossible to provide enough car parking to get all these passengers there by car instead.

Admittedly there's a distance issue involved there, too. The Brisbane rail network doesn't really cover the suburbs, and bus connections to train stations are pretty nonexistent. Sure, better facilities for bikes & less hostile streets for ped are essential, as are better bus services to train stations, but proper park and ride facilities would also go a long way.

I think the problem that they are trying to address is the Ferny Grove train station in particular. They used to have a line that went to Samford but they removed it some time ago. 

Now all the beautiful people that have bought their acreage have realised that they still need to get to work - and there is only really one road leading in and it's typically very slow going so driving to ferny grove and catching the train is the fastest way. The problem is that despite the massive car parks it isn't anywhere near enough.. and it's unlikely they could ever provide enough parking. 

Also stations further in get very busy as there are really very large gaps between lines to the north of Brisbane, and the traffic is gridlock and the buses get stuck in the grid lock.... 

There's a very nice rail trail from Samford to Ferny Grove Station - just need a few more secure bike lockers there ... problem solved. Incidentally, the entire rail trail cost about $3 million, according to a sign along the way. That's about what it costs Brisbane Council to put in a single street light.

That's the issue though, right?

If you can't get to the train stations, the trains aren't going to be utilised well enough to get cars off the road. I'd also totally prefer if people were able to ride (a bus or a bike) and walk, but getting people to park at the train station (preferably one far out) is still much preferable to them driving into the city.

Try this one for size - remove freeways instead.

Interesting thoughts and articles chaps and chapesses but alas BCC and Q'land State will never get it..


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