Thank you David Hembrow for nailing it. 

More cars are leading to more pollution. It doesn't much matter what the fuel source is, the result is the same. The only way to produce less pollution from motor vehicles is to use them less.

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So helpful from the people at Holden Springwood...

Apparently they know many "cyclist" much like when someone says that they have black or Asian friend just before they say something racist...

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I didn't see it... but looks like they got hosed..


I'm a taxpayer as most of the other cyclists using the road would be - I already pay for the roads.

These geniuses have no idea how roads are paid for - the taxpayers and ratepayers of Queensland and Australia pay for the roads. There's an awful lot of companies and individuals driving around on the roads at my expense  because they deduct the cost of running their vehicles from the tax they might have paid (or pay no tax). So far I'm not moved to go and buy a car from these people.

The question that should have been posed is

"Why aren't cyclists be given more space on the roads that they have paid for?"

Excellent post from David Hembrow, thanks Steve for posting!

As Terry said..

Recent Coroner's reports.

The first report in particular is about as scathing as can be ... the conclusion can only be that QPS is really struggling to attract anybody remotely competent and it's virtually impossible to lose your job as a cop. If this is how they treat the coroner it fully explains why "cyclists" can't get their complaints taken seriously.

Detective Senior Constable Neumann appeared to struggle following my clear and very detailed directions , and to apply investigative skills to this case that could reasonably be expected of a police Detective with his 25 years of experience. For example, he:

a.. Did not address some questions with witnesses that were specifically asked by me in my written directions to him;

b.. Completely missed a number of tasks I set for him and had to be reminded of my directions;

c.. Did not meet reasonable timeframes that I set for him;

d.. Did not provide me any notice that he could not comply with the timeframes, or any explanation as to why he could not comply until my staff followed up; and

e.. Seemed to be incapable of making reasonable further enquiries of witnesses and others,, arising out of information he obtained. Unless the specific questions for witnesses were outlined in my directions, he did not seem to address other relevant issues with witnesses when taking statements.

Well, they were equal parts interesting, disturbing, and depressing.  But thanks for posting them, very illuminating one might say.


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