I'm really struggling with this one from Alan Davies.

How big are the benefits of riding to work?

I think what he's saying is that because riding to work is so rubbish here that people who do ride do so vigorously and long distances. Whereas... if riding was more normal we would perhaps be more cruisy and cycle shorter distances more slowly (because of less fear of being run over).

Hence, riding to work wouldn't be as good for you??

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... Sigh ...

"Horse-drawn vehicles, modern traffic, a busy city, a million people a day — they just don't mix," he said


"They have to determine if they're vehicles, do they need to be registered, do the drivers need to be licenced, what insurances do they need. That's a matter for VicRoads, as it always has been."

New apartment building to go up with lack of residential parking.


Its got bike facilities and 'shared car' facilities. Will this work?

Will this work?

Dunno. But I hope it puts pressure on the council to improve bike/ped paths and public transport.

It seems chaos is a prerequisite for change in this country.


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