I'm really struggling with this one from Alan Davies.

How big are the benefits of riding to work?

I think what he's saying is that because riding to work is so rubbish here that people who do ride do so vigorously and long distances. Whereas... if riding was more normal we would perhaps be more cruisy and cycle shorter distances more slowly (because of less fear of being run over).

Hence, riding to work wouldn't be as good for you??

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In an unrelated one.. a bloke who was hit by a truck makes a good recovery!


It was kind of going all ok for me with this article until the kickr at the end.

A 55-year-old Greenbank man was found guilty of  driving without due care and attention in relation to the April, 2015, incident.

He was fined $500.

As I've recently become aware - if a motorist hits a VRU, then should the motorist be considered at fault the CTP insurer will pick up the bill. The sums of money involved can be pretty big, depending on how badly injured you are. Whether we get good value out of our CTP is probably a discussion for another time. 

The point that I'd like to make is it's a bit like un-intended consequences. CTP was set up to help people injured by motor cars (even those driving cars). It's a good thing for the victims. Thing is - it's also a good thing for the people doing the hurting - because on top of token driving fines they don't have to pay a cent to help their victims. Other than dealing with property damage, there are no or little consequences. 

Being all conspiracy theorist.. the last thing the car industry wants is for car ownership to carry any risks. :(  AFAIK.. if the VRU is deemed to have caused the accident than he's on his/her own. Tough luck buddy!

In case I wasn't clear... if it's the VRU's fault it's their problem. If it's the vehicles fault - the CTP will cover it. Either way - it's not the drivers concern. 

A $500 fine for mowing someone down and almost killing them with your truck seems way too low. Aren't speeding fines more than that, even if you haven't hit someone?

As I've often said, if you're at the wheel of two tonnes of death, you have a high duty of care. And the law should reflect that, even if the judges can imagine themselves in the same position.

An old one.. but interesting. Very true I think.


Ian,  thanks so much for this.  It makes so much sense.  

So I see on Schrinner's facebook that Brisbane is getting those electronic bike counters.

Wonder where they'll install them. Likely at least some on the bicennetennial as they'll give the 'positive' political spin. 

Where else would they be handy? Slyvan Road?

Brisbane Times had the list: 

The Eco Counter signs will first be installed at five locations across Brisbane. 

  • Bicentennial Bike way, Milton (cyclist and pedestrian counter)
  • Go Between Bridge, southern side (cyclist counter)
  • Woolloongabba Bike way, Stanley Street (cyclist and pedestrian counter)
  • Woolloongabba Bike way, Annerley Road (cyclist counter)
  • Kangaroo Point Bike way (cyclist and pedestrian counter)

Mazda has introduced standard autonomous braking on it's SUV's. Personally I think this is a very good thing for VRU's. I'm hopeful that it's introduces as part of the ANCAP testing ratings so manufacturers have to include it to get more points. Euro NCAP asses the effectiveness of these systems.

Given we can't make drivers not use their phones, I think this should be the price they have to pay. 


I left a post on Adrian Schrinner's page under "Visitor Posts" asking for action on Miles Platting Rd and Gardner Rds. I'm not sure how to specifically link to it but if you can take some time and either "like" the post and add supportive comments, it would be much appreciated. 

Rochedale, the area concerned is right where Brisbane meets Logan, so there is little will by Brisbane Councillors to build something for the benefit of another local government's residents while Logan Council seems to ignore the needs of cyclists entirely.

Someone on the Cycle page kindly helped me get the link:

 Facebook message to Adrian Schrinner

I find this a little interesting... I can't say I'm surprised though.



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