Apple are moving to automatically detect if you are driving, and effectively block messages to stop distraction. It's an opt in service, but it's a good start. 

IMHO if road safety authorities had any courage they would mandate this across all mobiles. Yes it would inconvenience some people - but clearly it would save a lot of lives..

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I'd have to agree in some cases.

A mate of mine witnessed a delivery rider riding down Highgate Hill run straight into a gutter - misjudging it for a a driveway - and broke his arm. The food survived. 

Basic safety course would probably all that is needed. 

I reckon some training should be given. I don't know how much is given or not given but some seem to lack etiquette especially when it comes to riding on busy footpaths. I've seen a few go relatively quickly past a cafe where the staff are in and out all the time serving the street side tables.

If this article is correct, I'm surprised they don't from a work cover insurance point-of-view.

After Nathan Craig MacDonald ran down cyclist Stephen Small at Doonan last year police found his ute 1.5km down the road with Mr Small's bicycle still embedded in the bumper.

He told officers "my bad, I messed up", but since then has shown no remorse for killing the 42-year-old father who was riding home in a marked cycle lane, the judge who today sentenced him to jail said.

He sentenced MacDonald to nine years in prison for killing Mr Small, and set his parole eligibility date at March 14, 2020, four years after Mr Small's death and MacDonald's incarceration.

For his attack on Mr Wilcox, MacDonald was sentenced to four years in jail. He will serve both sentences concurrently.

Read more in Sunshine Coast Daily.


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