Apple are moving to automatically detect if you are driving, and effectively block messages to stop distraction. It's an opt in service, but it's a good start. 

IMHO if road safety authorities had any courage they would mandate this across all mobiles. Yes it would inconvenience some people - but clearly it would save a lot of lives..

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Not only that, but with the "passenger" option, a driver that has deliberately disabled the do not disturb feature and then been caught/involved/caused an incident should have their licence shredded never to be returned.  At the least.

I can't imagine any authorities having the courage to do that! 

It's funny isn't it. We all know things that we should do to improve road safety - things like locking mobiles and retesting drivers. However, we also know that people aren't prepared to accept these measures even though I think they all know it would make the roads safer. 

Plus, no politician would be game. 

From a marketing point of view, it makes a lot more sense to release this function as an 'option' and then let local regulators make it mandatory.

So TMR posted some CCTV on Facebook that showed a car screaming through a red light, hitting another car.  In the foreground was a cyclist.  The comments were all about the cyclist .....

Probably because a car screaming through a red light and hitting another car is not unusual.  A cyclist, on the other hand....

I think road rule compliance is at an all time low.  I went to the bank today, fully a 5km round trip.  Within 500m from home, 1st car goes left onto Anzac Ave against the red.  Same intersection on the way home, 3 cars ran the red on Anzac Ave.  Not just a little bit red, but red long enough for other traffic to start moving.  Cars couldn't run the red at the bank end of the trip - cars were queued across the intersection......

I didn't ride the bike, there is no bicycle parking, no safe bicycle access to the bank area, and to be honest riding a bike through that carpark is as good a way of committing suicide as any.

I think road rule compliance is at an all time low.

This is my daily observation. Everyday ... it gets lower.

I see people running red lights almost constantly. More and more often see BCC buses doing it at speed. 

The comments were all about the cyclist .....

Not just the comments but the comments are getting likes!

What have we, as a society, deteriorated into?

BCC bike counts are now available -

CBD BUG did an RTI to get them last year after I got frustrated by their stonewalling when they wouldn't answer questions about Active Transport targets.

Auto counts are interesting - but a quick look shows even that is in serious need of data cleaning.

I didn't hear about this crash some how.  It occurred in Feb, so it must be a slow day at the Brisbane times.

It was well publicised around the place. It links in with the announcement today of a study into cycling along that stretch of road .

It started a flurry of work from West BUG trying to finally get some actual action on infrastructure in the area, given it's the second fatality there in 6 years. 

There wasn't a lot of publicity about the crash itself because the family wanted to stay out of the media about it. 

As Daz said, we've got funding committed by TMR for a planning study on the area, and we've put Rhubarb Way forward as a key solution, as well as a Moggill road underpass linking the Akuna and Cubberla Creek bikeways.

I'm glad the many hours of letters, report writing, map drawing, route planning, meetings, follow ups and petition signature chasing was worthwhile. 



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