Ahh if only BCC could wrap there head around the benefits of bike lanes.


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From your link Steve, the comments at the bottom ...

Mandatory helmet laws are discouraging cycling anyways, because the helmet is a hinderance and doesn't really do much. Most of the serious head injuries out of people who ride without helmets happen to people who are drunk, and even they have a relatively minor personal risk.

A case example:

Cycling represents 7.1% of all head injuries

Proportion of all injuries that involve head injury:

All causes: 34.2%
Cyclists: 37.6%
Pedestrians: 43.7%

Serious head injuries involving a motor vehicle

Cyclists: 86
Pedestrians: 384

For the same argument that cyclists absolutely must wear helmets, pedestrians would too. Yet walking helmets are not mandatory for being obviously inconvenient and unhelpful. Why cycling helmets are mandatory is because it's a feelgood measure that gets you political brownie points for "caring about people" from the majority who doesn't cycle, and from concerned moms and people who buy the propaganda.

If you're missing Brisbane Cyclist, follow this link:



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