Ahh if only BCC could wrap there head around the benefits of bike lanes.


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Virginia Tech is doing some testing on bike helmets - the current "best" one is Bontrager Ballista MIPS. The Cycling Tips article says testing is ongoing.

The Bontrager helmet is on sale for $160 ATM.

I've got the two top rated helmets! Ballista and the Bell one.

Ballista is an aero helmet though...made for racing. ..can get pretty hot if you're using it for general use. 

It's a great helmet otherwise. 


A 12-year-old boy hit by a truck while riding his bike in Butler has died in hospital. 

The boy, who had been riding without a helmet, ..........

Am I really the only one who believes that the status of "helmet or not" is not the single biggest contributor to this boy's death?

Disclosure 1 - I'm an advocate for anti mandatory helmet laws, to encourage additional casual, non sporting cycling, but personally I'd still wear one for my commutes if they ever repealed the law, based on my own risk assessment of my personal commute circumstances.  Pro-choice on this one.

Disclosure 2 - I firmly believe that helmets are not the biggest issue in cycling safety.  I can't recall a cycling death over the last few years where a helmet would have made a difference.  I believe non-mandatory helmets would increase participation which leads to increased safety.  I also believe the majority of sport or "aggresive" riders will continue to use helmets.  I will too, I just don't think it should be mandatory and people who make that choice aren't criminals.

Agree on all counts. 

As Coxy says.

I fully support pro-choice on bike helmets, but the story did say that the boy underwent brain surgery after the crash. Perhaps in this case, the bike helmet may have been the difference between life and death. Still, can't say what happened exactly in the lead-up to the crash, or what the road/path was like where he was riding.

Southbank have the tourist train for those incapable of walking/riding around the area in play.


We were under the impression no-one submitted to the tender process.


And with all those PokemonGo trainers clogging up the area it's even harder to get around.

Tae even gets a mention.  http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/14-tips-to-becoming-a-bet...

Yes last I heard nobody applied as the conditions were ridiculous (no storage etc) must have gone out again or changed the conditions. One of their arguments was for people with limited mobility. I can't see a person with limited mobility straddle across that thing.

Interesting payout considering he was riding an illegal electric bike.


Looks like he was "lucky" that the driver was reversing onto a shared path. I think reversing is one of those things where drivers are deemed responsible for. Opening a door is another where they are pretty much 100% responsible.

Some recent funding for bike path in Wynnum area (seat of Lytton) from the State Government. Only one State owned road in the Lytton electorate and that is the Port of Brisbane road to the Port of Brisbane boundary. 

It's not a lot, but it's a start. Eventually we'll get the MBC at Wynnum North all the way to the Gateway Bridge.

Eventually we'll get the MBC at Wynnum North all the way to the Gateway Bridge

Now that would entice me to head out that way.


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