Ahh if only BCC could wrap there head around the benefits of bike lanes.


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$399 road bike from Aldi, aluminium frame, carbon fork, 10.5 kilos. Probably will disappear within seconds after 8.30am Wednesday as it is TdF time ...

I'm interested in reviews from people who already have better bikes. Maybe I should follow the usual threads on bicycles.net.au and whirlpool.net.au.



Note that the 60-day return period is pretty iron-clad "no questions asked" (like Costco). "Sorry it was too heavy" "I thought I liked the colour but I changed my mind"

Also lots of other things, $30 helmet, WD-40 degreaser/wash/lubricant, knicks, jacket, beanie, gloves, glasses, pump, CO2 inflator, light set.

I saw that in the Aldi catalogue last night Richard. Good value. It may be the same bike as this one. Rebadged for Aldi perhaps ...

2016 Polygon Strattos S2


They have very similar specs - brakes, tyres, chain, crankset from same manufacturers (Tektro, Kenda, KMC, Prowheel).

Geometry looks slightly different based on the table.

Polygon has 12-25 cassette, Aldi is 11-28.


I thought about recommending it for someone who wants to try cycling. Unfortunately she would need a small or extra small (48-51 ETT)

I'm going to go and check out the winter gloves.  ALDI stuff us usually pretty good, and at that price I can't go too far wrong.

Did you buy one?

Did anyone buy one?

I bought the CO2 and lights. :o

I grabbed the helmet, 2 x WD-40 wash/lubricant, and beanie ... there isn't really space in the garage to store a "test" bike ...

Haven't tried the lights but the CO2 looks pretty simple and good.

As discussed with Steve, after buying the helmet I suddenly had a look around online

$5 - buy a Melbourne Bike Share helmet from 7/11

$8 - K-mart Devon helmet. Doesn't it look like the shiznit

$19.62 (ie $22.30 - 12%) - cyclingexpress.com Michelin SX-1

dhb ion from wiggle.com.au - $23.99. looking a bit more pro

$60 - Adura Edge, last one I had, from ebay

$125 - cheapest "MIPS" helmet I could find from 99bikes. There was an article about it in bicycling.com a couple of years ago. Who knows if it provides more protection than the usual helmet from concussion?

$450 - POC Octal aero with MIPS from pushys. Colours are bright...

If you're going racing, then the most expensive one would be best. If not going racing, then the $5 one works just as well as all the others .... i.e. they'll all stop the police from harassing you which is all they're good for if you're just tootling about.

Plenty out there on MIPS, best to check the video on its website as it explains the prevention of rotational injuries well.

FWIW I have that Lazer helmet with MIPS, replaced my Giro helmet with MIPS that got scratched up in my last bingle.

Avoid the POC Octal helmet, it's a model that's been compromised to meet the Aus/NZ standards.  http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/article/do-i-need-to-wear-an-aus...

Unfortunately for Australians this means an inferior product is sometimes being put to market. “With the way the (POC) Octal is actually designed, instead of having a hard foam it has a softer foam, so basically the idea is it’s meant to act like the crumple zone in a car," says Nick Daly the POC brand manager from Snow Sports International. "So the foam pushes in instead of cracking because of the force, and absorbs more of the impact.

“The way the test is designed, the helmet just couldn't handle the testing and there was too much movement in it. So for the standards they had to change it, make it a little bit heavier and use a thicker foam, which actually reduces the good benefits of the helmet because you’re putting more strain on the neck.”


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