According to QPS, 2016 finished up with 250 deaths on Queensland roads.  This includes 8 cyclists  (approx. 3%) and 37 pedestrians (approx. 15%).

So, long term, zero change in the number of cyclists dying on our roads, or the road toll generally. One wonders if we've achieved all we can with our current road safety initiatives, and the only solution now is to seriously work at getting people out of cars and into public transport, self-drive cars, and onto bicycles. Assuming most deaths on our roads involve the use of the private motor car, every 1% less car users would equal 2.5 less deaths. 

On Christmas eve, we packed the children into our car and drove around the neighbourhood checking out Christmas lights.  Some streets in our neighbourhood got right into it, with lights all along the street and neighbours milling about chatting.  It struck me how differently cars behaved in the streets where there were a few people milling about. Cars crawled along at 5kph, and as a driver I felt very out of place and very uncomfortable. Compare this to streets devoid of people, where cars zipped along in the dark at 50+kph.

Of course, those people milling about were all committing offences - it's now illegal to walk or play on your street. 

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So, if someone flags your ride - and they're wrong - what can you do about it?

Edit - OK. had a look on Strava. You get to defend yourself. But I can see how it would turn into a he said/she said argument.

I had to do it the other week for a KOM I didn't even know I had. 

Apparently someone didn' tlike that I did 120km down the go between bridge on my pushy.

I said to strava 'nah mate, everything is A-OK with this'

Just got this from P&F at UQ.

As previously communicated, to ensure safe access to the Synthetic Fields carpark for both motorists and cyclists, 76 carparks on Sir William MacGregor Drive (SWMD) between the roundabout at the Rowing Club and Blair Rd on the campus side will be removed. This will allow more space for cars and cyclists currently sharing the road and is part of a larger strategy to improve access on campus. The work to remove the carparks will be undertaken during the evenings of the 13th to the 15th of January 2016. 

Good news in my book. It's pretty narrow when there are cars on both side and students frequently don't check before throwing doors open. The pro-parking brigade will inevitably frame this as a cash grab though and pushing students to use the more expensive parking nearby, but tough cookies - parking is heavily subsidised, and more car parking = more induced demand to drive. 

Wondered what that construction was on the old field.  From my ride past in the first week in Jan all I could see was a dark lower level and light poles on top.  Made a guess it was a carpark with sports fields on top.

Yup - they have a sports field now on top of it.

Nto really 'general' news, but I'm moving jobs in a month. I've been checking out bike facilities costs...and I have previously been paying $60 a year for a locker and shower facilities.

My new place of employment (QUT) has a locker rental fee of $275 per year and a $200 key hire fee! Thats nearly $500 to use bike facilities. What the hell?

Why the locker? box/drawer at your desk? and there's probably a shower in another building too.

I'm used to being able to take in an entire week of clothing and storing it. 

If I'm going to pay top dollar for these lockers they better be like the penthouse at the Hilton. 

I'll just keep enjoying my free EOTF with hot showers & lockers and video surveillance of the bike rack.

From Wanky's bike blog.  Haven't seen bike boxes like these before.  Appears to be a more efficient use of space than the rectangular shaped ones I see at the train stations.

From what I understand the rectangular ones at the train stations are wedges for 2 bikes, one from each end.

Yes,2 bikes in one rectangular box.

It`s this 2 bikes box lockers at stations.


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