According to QPS, 2016 finished up with 250 deaths on Queensland roads.  This includes 8 cyclists  (approx. 3%) and 37 pedestrians (approx. 15%).

So, long term, zero change in the number of cyclists dying on our roads, or the road toll generally. One wonders if we've achieved all we can with our current road safety initiatives, and the only solution now is to seriously work at getting people out of cars and into public transport, self-drive cars, and onto bicycles. Assuming most deaths on our roads involve the use of the private motor car, every 1% less car users would equal 2.5 less deaths. 

On Christmas eve, we packed the children into our car and drove around the neighbourhood checking out Christmas lights.  Some streets in our neighbourhood got right into it, with lights all along the street and neighbours milling about chatting.  It struck me how differently cars behaved in the streets where there were a few people milling about. Cars crawled along at 5kph, and as a driver I felt very out of place and very uncomfortable. Compare this to streets devoid of people, where cars zipped along in the dark at 50+kph.

Of course, those people milling about were all committing offences - it's now illegal to walk or play on your street. 

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Food for thought, and I agree.  We are unlikely to see any improvement in the road toll with the current initiatives and attitudes.  Any safety initiatives that work are being offset by other factors. 

I can't see a change on the horizon either, it will take political guts and determination to start the ball rolling in a new direction.

What always gets me is that if the road toll was an airliner crash, there would be widespread media coverage, inquiries upon inquiries, safety audits, change of procedures, training, etc. It almost always results in safer planes, better trained pilots, maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers, better procedures etc.

But carnage on our roads, meh, it won't happen to me. Police response- get more speed cameras out there, government response- let's rehash some graphic ads. Yawn job done.

What about regular licence retesting, regular vehicle checks, serious crackdown on mobile phones in cars, bankrupting fines for repeat offenders and an evolution of attitude that cars are part of a transport system not THE transport system.

OLD MAN rant over! 

Even the use of the words "road toll" is part of the problem.  A toll is something that you begrudgingly pay to do something.  It's made to be an accepted part of the transaction.

This is a year old but appeared in a 'best of data visualisation' post from FiveThirtyEight - and I missed it.

NYC Bikeshare data visualisation.

Some fascinating info in there!

Did anyone read the tragic but somewhat bizarre incident where a lady accidentally backed over her child in a 4WD?

I notice no charges were laid and on one level I understand that, but on another level it seems weird. If the person was not a parent, you'd expect them to be charged, wouldn't you? Does the law make an exception here?

Yes - should still be charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

The horrific twist being this happened while leaving a funeral...

This is interesting - from the US

Court of Appeals Holds that Municipality May be Liable for Negligen...

"In Turturro, a 12-year-old was struck by a car driving 24 miles per hour over the speed limit while riding his bicycle in Brooklyn.  The evidence at trial established that, for many years before the accident, the City of New York received complaints about vehicles speeding on the particular road where Turturro was hurt and that the City studied whether traffic lights were needed at particular intersections, but never studied or mitigated the issue of speeding along the entire length of the road."

Ladders have higher risk than bicycles! Where's the MHL for ladder users - outrage.

Cyclist hurt this morning on the Southside, at Holland Park, according to QAS.

Wasn't me, reads like it was at the lights opposite the car wash, outside the cafe, on Logan Rd & Birdwood Rd.


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