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$190 million on that seems a far better targetted spend than $90 million on 4km Riverwalk. 

Or makes you wonder how the Moggill Rd bridge costs $10 million.

Germany opens first section of 100km cycle highway

Yes!! Full steam ahead Australia.

Also reported online on our ABC .... and yet, even without the aid of photo-id, our local Constabulary seemingly  had no difficulty apprehending this slightly inebriated cycling master-criminal!

I feel that the question must now  be asked - "Is there something deficient in the way the New South Wales Constabulary operate that they need to see a picture so they can be sure they have apprehended the correct cycling criminal mastermind?"

Qld cyclist 'six times over the limit'

Bicycle rider caught six times over legal alcohol limit on 10th day of Road Safety Campaign

A perfect example of the shite media reporting in AU.

Nothing like reporting on the real issues is there?

Headline says it all about media anti-cycling sensationalism. Let's focus on the 'dangerous' cyclist who ..... fell over and couldn't be a threat to anyone except himself. Meanwhile, in lesser news, some dickhead does over 200kph through a country town, but that's nothing compared to that cyclist apparently.

Watch out for mounted cops at South Bank stopping and fining you $117 for the old "no bell"



FFS. Nothing but anti-cycling harassment. I wonder how those horses would cope with a blast from an Airzound, just to let the police know that you've got a bell so please don't bother pulling me over.

I got my first pullover in the velo last night by the cops.  3.5 years was a good run I guess :-)

Stix and I were discussing the cornering speed of velomobiles, so I felt obliged to demonstrate, by taking the roundabout onto Indooroopilly Rd, near the St Lucia Golf Links, at speed.  I would guess mid to high 40s, strava says 51.  Regardless, I zipped a left turn through the roundabout and down Indooroopilly Rd, not knowing a police car was watching us.  The police car then followed us for a while as we rode slowly, on the far left of the bitumen.  With a set of car lights following closely, I made it clear I was wanting them to pass, by pulling left, slowing down and waving them on.  Then at the Stop sign at the hill, they came right up behind us.  Stix knew it was a cop car and stopped right on the line.  I didn't know, so I'll did a careful check and rolled through to turn left, hoping the car would turn right and leave us.  Which I thought they did, but no such luck.

As Stix and I rode down to the end of Meiers Road and back we again had a car on our tail, which we both assumed was the 4WD with the boat we saw at the boat ramp at the end of Meiers Road.  Again the car was following me slowly, so I pulled right over to the left and again waved them to pass up the hill (thinking it was the 4WD and boat this time.  This time the car came up belong side of me and wound the window down, at which point I realised it was the police, so I pulled up and stopped.  The cop did too.  Thankfully I looked over to see a huge smile on her face.  See just asked me a series of questions about what the velomobile was and what sort of motor I had in there.  She couldn't believe it was pedal powered.  She said "I saw you speed through the roundabout, but don't worry, I'm not going to book you, I just wanted to know what it was".  She also couldn't believe I had ridden it "all the way from Brookfield". 

A funny interaction, and I'm pleased she overlooked the rolling stop through the stop sign. :-)


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