Let's see if a place for links to various cycling-related posts (not quite requiring entirely new threads each time) is any good. It might also be a handy place to collect links that would otherwise get buried amidst other interesting conversation but I guess we'll see how it rolls.

In the spirit of sharing all that is good and holy, I'll start with a link (with an excellent short read) I've just stolen via Paul Martin:

Observations by a Dutchman in Australia: Why Cycling is Not Taking Off in Sydney [2012-03-17 | ~900 words]

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Road to Nowhere is on again this Sunday night. Hopefully with an update.
ABCNews24 Sunday night 6.30pm Bne time.

Ok I don't watch much tv so I had to google this to find out what its about.  I have just skimmed through a transcript of part 1 of the show.

I take it the offender has not been charged.  Bloody hell - I simply don't think I can watch this.

I watched that and it made my blood boil. It seems that some people really can get away with murder...

I KNOW I saw the ads for this but doesn't seem to be on. I even wrote down the time in my ipad. Sorry for the bum steer...

The economics of cycle commuting just improved even further: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/fares-up-as-transport...


But in reality, being 1000 times ahead instead of just 999 probably isn't mind blowing.

I actually just tweeted how they should be riding. Especially the example family.

Boy, we are a dumb lot in Aus-so its cheaper to drive for some-what price do you put on sanity while stuck in the daily grind-and are they talking about the real cost of driving, it's not just petrol and parking...

Petrol accounts for 22% of the total costs for my car over the last 5 years. That includes all running costs and the original purchase. Most likely a lot of people will not take into account the additional factors like servicing, parts, and labour. I was also able to get the insurance reduced by a few hundred by having it locked in the garage instead of on the road twice a day. The decision to drive instead as mentioned by a few of the replies in that story may not be cheaper at all.

I'm puzzled why the article makes a big deal about public transport being subsidised. It should be. The problem is there needs to be more revenue from motorists diverted to public transport.

It's been discussed here before, put a toll on CBD access for private vehicles. Also add a state govt tax on CBD car park spaces paid by their owners. Funds from both to public transport.

2 way effect. Many who drive will use public transport (or ride), and those who stick to their cars will be further subsidising public transport. Win win.

I agree.

At the same time, taxpayers are pouring millions of dollars into subsidising public transport in the state's southeast, to the tune of $1.1 billion a year.

Umm, hello, how much did the State pour into roadworks last year, not to mention 'investment' in a tunnel that will go broke very shortly??

+1 to both of you :)

Actually car driving is subsidised more than PT. If I was a member of the LNP & a rich car driver I would want the costs of driving to go up and the cost of PT to go down! Because that way less people would drive so I would have less traffic congestion and fewer bogan idiots on drugs in cars to have to avoid on the roads!

1/ 85% of Australia's roads are council roads paid for mostly by our council rates & charges NOT rego or fuel excise.

2/ State roads are only about 15% of Australia's roads and Qld spends $8.5b / yr on roads for about 3.5M registered vehicles which is about $2,500 / vehicle / year  which is far more than rego. Don't forget also that car rego is mostly crash insurance & administration to control dangerous vehicles.

The NSW RTA valued the net benefit of cycling at 28.7c per bicycle

kilometre in urban areas. Even with the relatively low levels of cycling in

Sydney (less than 2% of all trips), the estimated economic benefit to

Sydney was $81m per year. (NSW RTA, 2003).

Queensland Transport - Things to consider

  • The transport sector is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Cycling 10 km each way to work would save 1500  kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year.
  • Bicycles offer door-to-door service and are often quicker than cars over short distances up to five kilometres.
  • For every car trip replaced with a bike ride, the community saves 60 cents per kilometre.
  • Up to 20 bicycles can be stored in the space required for one car.

Qld Transport cycling webpage.


Instead of seeing cycling & PT as "greenie" transport, the LNP should see cars as an expensive luxury for only those that can afford to pay the price.


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