What's newsworthy or cringeworthy this month?

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More on Howard Smith Wharves:


"As well as incorporating the existing heritage-listed buildings into the redevelopment, the new parkland will create a pedestrian and cycle connection through the site to link the city reach Boardwalk with Riverwalk," Quirk said.

Unfortunately the cycle path is shared with visiting hotel guests' cars/taxis and service vehicles...

I think they're aiming to recreate the South Bank experience. Similar plans are afoot for the bike path below the big casino development near parliament house. The architects are already designing 'cyclists dismount' signs in coordinating colours.

Ha ha, yes...they actually reference southbank as the reason it is ok.

I think it is a bad comparison on their part because this will be hotel patrons so many new first time people arriving all day with no experience of the setup/shared path.

This Saturday (5 December) is Global Fat Bike Day!  I see there's a beach ride at Coolum that morning...


Does anyone know of any group fat-bike rides happening closer to home on Saturday?

Saw this on the Cycle facebook page. Very disappointing. A primary school in Victoria bans bicycles. 

I'd protest by riding. Lock it up outside. What are they going to do?

Exactly.  What authority does a school have to enforce this mad idea?  And I mean genuine authority, not just whinging about it.

They don't have any authority.  But they'll do their utmost best to infer they do.  It'll come down to subtle bullying of the child that does ride, exclusion tactics and the like, as well as nowhere for the bike to be safely secured on site.

And why would they do that to begin with?!

The school principal is taking it on as a personal challenge:

What they're really after is a new wresting team and stopping them from riding their bikes is the first step.


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