Aldi tomorrow - Fly6 competitor

Tomorrow Rear Bike Camera Light HD1080P $59.99, Crane (ALDI) Folding E-Bike $799

Mountain Bike $89.99

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I bought a light!

Friend of mine bought one for me, but I haven't picked it up yet. The video posted below looks pretty good. Coroner needs to be able to read the license plate, though.

Glad I'm not riding the rail trail at the moment ...

And again today!

Old news-

"They were talking about roads at the “Morning Star” on the left side of the “Papist Way.” The fat drayman and the smart butcher’s boy agreed that motor-cars were ruining the good roads. The rubber wheels can travel on the smoothest possible surface, which is the modern ideal. Hoofs, on the other hand, need something to bite into. The drayman, with his heavy waggon, would do away with steam-rollers. Here the needy cyclist interrupted, and said that he had never known better times; the smooth roads were as good for him as for motor-cars. All cursed their dust, their stink, their insolence,"

Excerpt from 'The Icknield Way' by Edward Thomas, published 1916


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