Aldi tomorrow - Fly6 competitor

Tomorrow Rear Bike Camera Light HD1080P $59.99, Crane (ALDI) Folding E-Bike $799

Mountain Bike $89.99

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I bought a light!

Friend of mine bought one for me, but I haven't picked it up yet. The video posted below looks pretty good. Coroner needs to be able to read the license plate, though.

Glad I'm not riding the rail trail at the moment ...

And again today!

Old news-

"They were talking about roads at the “Morning Star” on the left side of the “Papist Way.” The fat drayman and the smart butcher’s boy agreed that motor-cars were ruining the good roads. The rubber wheels can travel on the smoothest possible surface, which is the modern ideal. Hoofs, on the other hand, need something to bite into. The drayman, with his heavy waggon, would do away with steam-rollers. Here the needy cyclist interrupted, and said that he had never known better times; the smooth roads were as good for him as for motor-cars. All cursed their dust, their stink, their insolence,"

Excerpt from 'The Icknield Way' by Edward Thomas, published 1916


The Challenge question is "How can bike riding be more accessible and appealing in Queensland so that people ride bikes more often?". First prize $10k. TMR and Qld Gov employees ineligible.

State and local government are already very well aware of what the effective answers to this question are. This is an attempt at "squaring the circle" to find "answers" which don't involve (a) spending much money or (b) removing any car parking, reallocating space for bikes, or reducing speed limits. SmartHat comes to mind.

After another quick look, the suggestions page is really focussed around trip planning.

Male Casey 25

Mostly rides for transport and would like a better experience.

Casey rides a bike mostly to and from work to keep fit. Casey wants to know the quickest, easiest and best route to a destination - bike riding versus driving, versus catching a bus or going to the closest train station or mixing the trip up.

Female Lesley, 60 (potential rider)

Lesley would like to ride a bike for fun but hasn't ridden a bike for a long time.

Lesley would like to go for weekend rides and include some bike riding in holiday breaks. Lesley isn't sure where to find information about local bike paths or how to plan trips, where bike paths link with public transport, find out how challenging bike paths are, along with distances and local area destinations (cafes and parks for example) and scenic trips.

Female Kate, 41 (rides for joy)

Kate Loves the outdoors and rides her bike regularly and takes her kids riding.

Kate is focused on trying to develop healthy habits in her kids that they can keep doing for life. Kate finds it difficult to plan bike riding trips for weekend activities - finding and following bike paths that are safe and easy for families and routes that connect with public transport, facilities and places to stop and eat.


The (OSM) GraphHopper cycling router is already pretty good, but I think it's possible to create a better router (caveat: Brisbane only) by taking into account OSM speed limit data, GeoSciences Australia elevation data (5 m LiDAR), TMR crash data, ABS 2016 census data on population density and method of travel to work (down to SA1 level, you're looking for percentage of trips by bike only), BCC CityCycle locations plus their 400 metre pedshed radius, Translink public transport locations, and the secret sauce! - the "quality" of a bikeway using the average path width from the BCC GIS data from my post here.

Then maybe Lesley and Kate can have an app "where can I drive/take a train or CityCat to/take public transport to a CityCycle location max initial trip distance of 10 km, and I'm looking for a 10 km contiguous route, using the GIS path data, with a weighted average path width of at least 3 metres, with zero Informal Road or Bike Lane segments". If the weighted average path width is 4 metres it's definitely fine for families on the weekends. Casey already has Strava and the Google Maps app. Strava data is only aimed at him and behind a paywall for everyone else anyway.

I'm not saying this would be easy ... I mean, this is cheap for gov if someone actually did all that on one weekend. Go out of Brisbane, and you're left with just the OSM, GA, TMR, and ABS data. And the idea that it, or any other app, would have some kind of measurable effect on bike riding is codswallop. But good luck if you enter!

Tour de Brisbane vlog very exciting riding and great work from the author to stitch all that together.

0:57 riding through the Queen St Mall before 5 on a Sunday morning

5:51 somehow a driver has got onto the course (how?!) and is pulled over by the police in front of the descending bunch

6:10-6:40 crash - rider didn't expect a traffic island there, but is ok after a few minutes


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