I miss the Brisbane Cyclist chats and diversions. We can start with how warm and humid it was this morning, and go from there.

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I second Dirk’s sentiments. I’m all for the scooters. Having ridden my children’s (unpowered) scooters I’m surprised people having been riding them at speed.  Scooters seem inherently wobbly. But maybe that’s just me.  Lime’s domination of Brisbane may unfortunately be slowed this week though, I have seen mainstream media alarmist reports citing (statistically low) injury rates, and the police are planning a’crackdown’ on helmets in response.

Not particularly interested in riding one of the Limes myself, but they seem to be a good idea. That said, some people using them have more money than sense - the speed they ride them along the Ann Street shared path between the backpackers and King George Square is crazy.

I think the good things about bikes are. 

1. Good for rider health.

2. Reduce congestion.

3. Good for the environment. 

So.. I reckon Lime's are 2/3 which isn't bad. I'm hopeful that if we get enough of them it could be a big enough push to get more bike lanes. I'm delighted to see them doing all sorts of illegal things.. riding on roads, mostly helmetless etc.

Decided to ride on-road inbound on Dickson Street this morning (I usually ride on the narrow footpath, to avoid the door zone), and all the drivers were considerate. I think it might have something to do with increasing numbers of people riding bikes that way. I was one of three people riding through at the same time, and there is an almost constant flow of bikes at commute time now. Soon even David McLaclan's car-bound constituents will be telling him he's an idiot for blocking the bike path that will serve large sections of the northern part of his ward.

I have a combo story- bikes, car services and scooters!

Took the car to Kedron for an evening service, and rode Reggie the racing green Brompton home, roughly half my CBD commute. On the way home I was following a teenage lad who was on a non motorised scooter, and he was staying in front of me no problems until he took a corner too fast and stacked it. No harm done, brushed himself off and away he went again.

Rode back to collect the car at about 8.30pm, funny how even well known paths look so different in the dark.

Weren't all the paths brilliantly lit by BCC?

Yes of course they were.

Well some of them technically had lights.

Except the one between Robinson Rd and Crofton St.

And Downfall Creek Bikeway, which is so far away from any artificial lighting that it is pitch black after dark.

Completely uneventful ride today.  Just as it should be too.  50 odd km with the symphony of the bike for accompaniment....

Disappointing bit was confirming the new Gateway Motorway bike paths were still closed.  Ahh well.

It's hot .. and it always seems to be the same temperature. Hot. 

Plus the AC in the changeroom is broken, so it's low 30's which means I'm actually more sweaty after showering than I am before.. not ideal.

Must say that one of the nicest part of the commute these days is getting out of the lift from the bike parking to the lobby of the building, and feeling the chill of the aircon. 

There were three B-double death trucks southbound on Dickson Street this morning. They turned into Chalk, and I presume they were headed to the excavation at the Holy Cross site. A nice addition to the big-truck excitement on McDonald Road.
I rode part of the V1 on the weekend. Does anyone have the latest on what's going on at O'Keefe Street? Are they going to build some sort of bridge there?


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