I miss the Brisbane Cyclist chats and diversions. We can start with how warm and humid it was this morning, and go from there.

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In spite of the dire media hyperbole around TC Oma I rode to work this morning.

Don't want to rain on their parade, but I think it's been blown out of all proportion.

So it's technically Autumn and it wasn't hot or humid this morning

And the good weather continues - as does access to the Grammar path. Wonder if the work will ever start. At least some of it is likely to be in the Easter school holidays now.

After riding in from redcliffe in 38 this morning I'm done with this heat!

By the power that is vested in me I hereby declare this Brisbane summer OVER

Bom seems to disagree with yr.no though. Let's see

Didn't seem to be over this morning. Are you hinting that we need a new discussion thread on BC anyway?

I think we are heading towards a whole new classification of seasons :-(

I don't know whether that's Darwin (wet and dry) or the traditional Kakadu six seasons.

The median max temp in march is 28. Haven't seen that yet...

Yep, Brisbane is now 10 months of summer and a couple of spring and autumn. "Brisbane Cycling Winter" is about a week, if we are lucky. 

Good e bike weather. Segway to QUT's survey : https://www.qut.edu.au/science-engineering/about/news?id=140810

The blurb: E-bike riders in Queensland are urged to complete a new survey that could inform government investment in new infrastructure such as cycling infrastructure, charging stations and end-of-trip facilities. 


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