I miss the Brisbane Cyclist chats and diversions. We can start with how warm and humid it was this morning, and go from there.

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The problem with shared paths. I've had problems before, but not usually to this degree. Every now and then you want an AirZound ...

That's the design inspiration for the casino plaza and Howard Smith Wharf (and South Bank).

Humid yes.  I'm over it.

Can I just say how much I hate Lime Scooters and wonder what it's going to be like when Queen's Wharf is finished and there are people going everywhere with no divided cyclist/pedestrian zones.

It will be a lot like South Bank or Howard Smith Wharves, I'm afraid. Fine in the mornings, but a complete disaster in the evening when there are a lot of people (some of them drunk) wandering around randomly. The same design consultancy is apparently to blame for both Queen's and Howard Smith wharves.

To be honest I’ve avoided riding lately, due to the humidity. Can I still join in?

No sweat.

Haha I see what you did there. 

I hate Lime scooters too but only because I was overtaken on the uphill bit of the Grammar path by someone riding one.

Did anyone mention how hot and humid it is?

Edit- In my one and only physical encounter with a Lime scooter I discovered that they beep at you if you move them a short distance, like out of the middle of the pathway.

Hello all. It's been awhile hey?

Aside from the usual easy rides to and from the railway station, I rode 10 kays down to Virginia on Friday to pick up my ute from a mechanic.

I rode the old single speed Gazelle because it's always ready to go. All my other bikes are in variable states of (dis)repair and all require more mucking around/changing of clothes/shoes to get going. 

Straight down Sandgate road at midday with a welcome north-easterly tailwind.

It sure was hot. Sunscreen is amazing stuff. 

PS I like Lime Scooters. All those people suddenly on scooters, what were they using to get round before that? Not bikes I reckon. Don't know what else. Combo of walking or bus? In any case, I feel it's a step forward. 

Gidday long time no hear, Humid orright. If I'm not so slow in the morning taking brekkie into work gives me a longer cool down before my shower.

Lime Scooters - great for business, Physios, Orthos, QAS ED Dept then all the specialties Orthos [again], Gen Surg, Neuro Surg, MaxFac, morgue and the coroner  great for business.

That distress call...love it


The only time I'm glad to be at work in when I'm in the aircon and out of this humidity.  This morning was awful.

Does anybody know whether e-scooters can be ridden on Sylvan Road?  The information out there is very mixed and confusing.  I understand that they can on side streets that are <50kph and don't have a median strip or centre line (??) but would Sylvan Road not be a "main road"???

This is a summary of the new "personal mobility devices" laws that were brought in to force in mid-Dec. 2018.



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