It can't possibly be September already - the year only just started. What's been good, bad or indifferent about your ride to work or play or ????

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So far I've avoided the Mawarra Mauler (or Maurauder, depending on who you talk to). But I got a nice clip on the helmet from a magpie as I was inbound on Dickson St this morning, somewhere between Price and Ashbolt. Also waved at a truck driver and possibly said a word or two to him after he barrelled through at the Blackspot Intensification Project, even though I was signalling long before he passed.

... even though I was signalling long before he passed.

But surely you know bigger has priority, no matter the road rules :-P

I'm told that the magpie at the corner of Gap Creek Road and Brookfield Road doesn't miss and draws blood. :(

Starting to rethink Sunday's route  He was too busy hammering the bikes heading toward Kenmore to bother me the other week. That corner was very active in 2015 but not so much in 2016.

A new interaction for me was a magpie along the Kangaroo Point bikeway between river life and the citycycle station

In other news I was needlessly shaved by a black SUV on the school run at Sir Samuel Griffith Drive at Cootha this morning. I should have run my bell...

Do you have video?

Yes... front and rear... classic case of motorist chooses to overtake in the lane.. not that there was anyone coming the other way.. just because. 

It will be interesting to see how Indooroopilly police excuse a 2m wide BMW, 60cm wide mountain bike all comfortably inside a 3m wide lane. I don't know how they will do it but I don't doubt they will. 

On the positive side, if the Indro police knock you back, you can post the video sooner and start shaming the cretin.

Anyone hear ridden at Rathdowney? Looking to ride on Mt Lindsay Highway but concerned about safety.

Daz, I'd ask Neil Ennis or look him up

Troy Szczurkowski is in USA at the moment.

as few of the racing groups do a training ride to there and back ?which. What about ask Audax?

have fun it's nice down that way.

Troy is back in store today at RCC!

Bring on the warm weather hey! 35 forecast for Monday. Was very pleasant today. 


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