Good Morning all.

It has been a bit quiet here recently. A new thread to kick things off again.......(maybe)

On one of my recent commutes I had the pleasure of coming across a 2m crocodile sitting on a creek bank about 3 metres from the road. Another instance where having a metal cage around you on the way to work would be the preferred option.

They were never this bad when I was growing up. They seem to be everywhere now.

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Got a bike riding lesson or two today. This am on Stanley St before Annerley Rd intersection. With a right arm out, I get off the green "I'm inviting you to left hook me" bike lane into the light...toot behind, I wave...toot..I look back and REGO operator gestures to the green lane..I say no thanks. REGO operator says what about the bike lane?!! I reply no thank you safer here from being left hooked, often people do not or very late indicate left and try to left hook me. REGO operator.."but I have my indicator on" Me "Safer here and thank you for indicating".

This evening..Waminda St Richmond Rd cnr..tight, blind, negative camber and has water leak over it for days. I take the lane with a right arm out fully. check with mirror {"Take A Look"] and REGO comes on leaning out to the right. Me "HEYYY now where do we all go??!!" REGO operator some sort of a mild spray of how to ride a bike [ie never] -F'wit.

But all good.

Ahhhh, the old disappearing bike 'lane' followed by a stencil pic of a bike.

We've got to really appreciate the level of idiotic decisions made. I mean other countries miss out on so much.

One of my favourite examples. 

No warning at all of the disappearing bike lane when travelling east and turning north through the roundabout.

What they could have done is worked in with the driveway to the bowls club to allow a smooth transition from bike lane to foot path but instead they just let us get squeezed. 


A couple of impressive displays on Gilchrist inbound this morning. A roadie decided to overtake me on the inside (in the door zone). Then an idiot in a sedan decided to overtake both of us, driving more than 100 metres on the wrong side of the road through a blind corner, before brake checking (due to hopelessness, not deliberate) the roadie so he could park. 

Tacking this on the end of this thread (as it's the last day of the month, yes July not May).

An example of driver behaviour this morning ...

At a road narrowing, the driver behind me slows as it'd be a squeeze for both of us to go through at the same time (and illegal). Driver behind her beeps impatiently to hurry her up!



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