Good Morning all.

It has been a bit quiet here recently. A new thread to kick things off again.......(maybe)

On one of my recent commutes I had the pleasure of coming across a 2m crocodile sitting on a creek bank about 3 metres from the road. Another instance where having a metal cage around you on the way to work would be the preferred option.

They were never this bad when I was growing up. They seem to be everywhere now.

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Wow where are you living now?

My commutes are going good.. but I can feel the cold and dark upon us. 

up in Far North Qld I'd reckon.

Enjoying the cool found and cleaned the clear glasses


an hour south of cairns.

I start 1 street back from the beach. can be a bit chilly at 4am.

A little damp this morning. 

Only mildly damp yesterday morning, even less commuting home

No sunnies now till the day is longer, clear glasses for the ride both ways.

Enjoyed the 'chill' this morning. Bring on winter :)

Hardly raised a sweat.

Coming from the east, didn't need brakes...only a park brake!

This morning, that was fresh.

Witnessed a rider give a pedestrian a punishment pass this morning along Kedron Brook.

Ped was on the bikeway side.

Totally unnecessary behaviour. Doesn't help the cycling cause at all.

..dickhead..unable to share...probably feels bullied on the road ...hence..

..even more fresh this am.


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