Four days in and no commute thread? Inconceivable!

So I've been doing very short commutes to QUT from home in Spring Hill and tried out a few different commutes each with pluses and minuses.

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Edward street - very fast commute rout eon the bike but very congested with car traffic. Lots of buses pulling in and out. I'm crying out for a dedicated bike lane all the way down to the Botanic Gardens. Annoyed that due to one way streets on Albert Street and a ban on bikes in the mall, I can't commute via the most direct route.

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Kuripa and South Bank - the safest but most indirect and slowest route. Slow due to distracted pedestrians in South Bank. 

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Turbot Street / Bicennetennial - most annoying route - slower than Edward Street, but faster than South Bank. Trying to access the bikeway entrance is hard due to no lights/crossing at North Quay/Turbot Street intersection...have to either risk crossing or ride up to lights at Adelaide Street/North Quay.

How has your May commute been?

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Another off road commute for me. This time with even less on road! This route is about 35-40k, and probably nearly 30 of it is either off road entirely or on a bike path. 

Had a lovely commute home. A bit slower than usual.

Saw a bird conduct a stall manoeuvre as I crossed Breakfast Creek here. It looked like great fun. Straight up, then straight down over the water.

Does anyone know what the workmen have been doing to the pedestrian bridges along Kedron Brook here? It looks expensive.

Home via Lambert Road outbound tonight - absolute car park from the golf club hill down. I used the shared path beside it - managed not to get hit by impatient right turning people going into Carnarvon Road or Fairley Street. Fairley St was also a car park.

Still much better than being in a car, but the right turners can be very dangerous in a situation like that - they're not thinking rationally at all - "I'll just floor it into this next ... car park"


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