Four days in and no commute thread? Inconceivable!

So I've been doing very short commutes to QUT from home in Spring Hill and tried out a few different commutes each with pluses and minuses.

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Edward street - very fast commute rout eon the bike but very congested with car traffic. Lots of buses pulling in and out. I'm crying out for a dedicated bike lane all the way down to the Botanic Gardens. Annoyed that due to one way streets on Albert Street and a ban on bikes in the mall, I can't commute via the most direct route.

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Kuripa and South Bank - the safest but most indirect and slowest route. Slow due to distracted pedestrians in South Bank. 

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Turbot Street / Bicennetennial - most annoying route - slower than Edward Street, but faster than South Bank. Trying to access the bikeway entrance is hard due to no lights/crossing at North Quay/Turbot Street intersection...have to either risk crossing or ride up to lights at Adelaide Street/North Quay.

How has your May commute been?

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I have a similar  issue now with the city. I come down from Spring Hill via Albert and once I hit King George Square, i'm faced with one way streets or peds only shared areas. My options are limited to trying to fight to get to the bicentennial bike way or go Edward street which is a nightmareish hell of congestion and buses. 

Steve, looking at your strava, do you go down the side of Kurilpa and then wait for a break in the traffic to cross North Quay to get to the bikeway?

Yes I go beside Kurilpa, but I don't go onto the bike way I go down william street. That's the bit which is really congested with car traffic. 

I could go down the bike way but the only way off further down is to walk up stairs, or go through the gardens. Go BCC...

I go from Roma St, right onto Ann, left onto William, left onto Elizabeth.

However, the last few days, the whole of Ann onto William has been - as you say - a car park.  It's particularly annoying because 90% of the cars turning left onto William from Ann don't want the left hand lane on William, so if you can get to corner, it's easy from then on.  But you can't get up the inside of all the traffic.

My plan B is to go across King George Square and up Adelaide to turn left onto William.  That cuts out that whole Ann/William nightmare.  And from the corner of Adelaide and William you can ride on the footpaths more easily if necessary.

Oh I thought the entir eof william from the Treasury onwards was shut down. My ultimate destination is QUT. 

It is.  I only go as far as Elizabeth.  It is shut past there.

Which is good for me.. I either continue on a teeny bit more and go across to george down the laneway, or run across the park.

So I was thinking on the way home how much video material I could gather to make a collage of all the near misses, idiotic or inconsiderate drivers and drivers who do stupid things would be, just on my commutes 5 days per week.

It'd bore you to tears I tell you.

So I signed up for the more 'lush' bike facilites at QUT. It's costly, but includes unlimited gym and pool sessions, and being a amateur triathlete, its value for money over the long term.

Here's a pic of the facilities:

Lots of space for bikes and failry secure. The lockers, showers, change rooms etc are not as good as what I was used to at UQ (which had a dedicated drying room - so lush!)

Easy commute in this morning for me, after a riverloop. Though "racing" CX tonight, and I've done nearly 100k of efforts in less than 24 hours. This will be painful. 

What are those one up one down bike racks like?  My new building has them but I haven't used them before.

It all improved from Mon am commute, some tool - on the roundabout Bennetts, McIlwraith, Milsom  comes around the outside to the 4th exit [I'm usually out the 3rd exit]. So I go the only way and ask him "what's going on back there?" [granted he did wind the window down] all I could reply was "for goodness sake" complete f--kwit.

After that pretty good really, cooler, regos [ie cars etc] providing space, bit of banter even. But what does a "toot" mean. I was in the primary position down the Bennetts Rd drop, sat up to slow for a car infront and the rego behind [dual cab 4wd ute] goes "toot". I move to the bike lane as usual and the rego tailgates the car that was infront, wha??

Anyhoo happy Bike Week. Yesterday was the first RTW breakfast I've missed, was on cake duty yesterday am. AND in the evening saw Tae, in her normal clothes and no hat,me dressed quite inferiorly, hi-vis, helmut, flashing lights. "Hey Tae whatabout drinks?" "Well you can book Ian". but Tae they wouldn't know me.... You'd probably be pleased to know Tae the chap I propped infront of I caught up with him the other side of the RWS and apologized for stopping on a crossing!!


Much better commuting week this week, especially today. Dry overhead both ways. AND this am, a big hole in the traffic and any cars who needed to interact with me did so with manners, I tried to be well mannered/thanks in return. Hope they appreciated my efforts...makes a HUGE difference. The previous four days maybe not as great as this am, but not negative either.


At 8.15 this morning, I sailed past the traffic which backs up on Oxley Road south of Walter Taylor bridge. This happens quite often.

I am a bit concerned about the corner of Railway Avenue and Lambert Road in Indooroopilly, where the ped/bike Jack Pesch bridge exits onto the road. Trucks and other heavy vehicles are entering the Witton Barracks site on a fairly regular basis.


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