Four days in and no commute thread? Inconceivable!

So I've been doing very short commutes to QUT from home in Spring Hill and tried out a few different commutes each with pluses and minuses.

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Edward street - very fast commute rout eon the bike but very congested with car traffic. Lots of buses pulling in and out. I'm crying out for a dedicated bike lane all the way down to the Botanic Gardens. Annoyed that due to one way streets on Albert Street and a ban on bikes in the mall, I can't commute via the most direct route.

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Kuripa and South Bank - the safest but most indirect and slowest route. Slow due to distracted pedestrians in South Bank. 

Top of Spring Hill to QUT via Turbot Street / Bicennetennial - most annoying route - slower than Edward Street, but faster than South Bank. Trying to access the bikeway entrance is hard due to no lights/crossing at North Quay/Turbot Street intersection...have to either risk crossing or ride up to lights at Adelaide Street/North Quay.

How has your May commute been?

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I commuted on my new bike for the first time today.  I bought a new Reid Osprey flat bar. 

They were (are still?) on sale for $430 down from $600.  I chose it because I wanted something with a road style 2x setup.  I don't like the triple chainring setup that most of the cheaper bikes have, coupled with a cheap and flimsy 7 speed freewheel.

So this is the cheapest bike that I've seen with a 2x groupset.  I think that it is meant to be the "sportiest" of the Reid flatbars.  It's "only" a Claris groupset, so 2 x 8, but it seems to shift OK.  Being brand new helps.  It has Tektro caliper brakes and some crank brand that I've never heard of, but it all seems OK.

The only problem that I am having is with the rack and panniers.  I bought a new rack to go on it, and the metal bars where I clip the panniers is a bit smaller than my old one.  It gives a bit less protection between the panniers and the spokes, and I am getting a bit of rubbing.  My short term solution (this afternoon) will be to wrap an occy strap around each pannier to cinch it smaller and keep it more out of the way.  If that works, it may well turn into my long term solution...

Oh, and I don't like the grips much - but they are easy to fix.

Happy star wars commute! Uneventful for me. :o

Waiting for the warranty frameset to turn up, got sent today.  Will be building a #dadlyf version this time around.

A bit of a good news story from yesterday afternoon coming home. This family was out walking their dog on Bulimba Creek bikeway, dog and little girl where distracted by something resulting in the pathway being blocked. It's too twisty and short sighted to really go fast so I'm just cruising along. Slowed down a bit to let them organize themselves and the little girl shouted out "sorry" as I went past I shouted back "all good". I thought it was neat got a little chuckle out of the mother too.  

New bike day.

In #dadlyf mode.

Gets a full on shimmy going when no handed, definately loves a front load.

I love those bars. I was on a gravel ride a few months back with Bennett (I'm surw you know him) who was rocking the Soma with those bars as well. Looked well boss.

So bike back in order, see you Friday night then at the velodrome then ? :)

Yeah Bennett has some, but got rid of the bike (kept the Jones Bar), it's down in Melbourne with some dude called @franklin_birdworth and now Bennett is building up a Surly Karate Monkey for #flannelpacking

CX this Friday yeah?

Sure is. I've got the Grovel back from the shop now, but will be in gumby grade. 

I'm riding it on the Brisbane valley rail trail for the BQ event (partner coming on my spare mountain bike) on its default 35mm schwable but thinking of getting something like this for a bit more of a comfortable ride -

Want my 50mm Schwalbe Duremes?  Perfect for Rail Trail riding, lots of volume and puncture protection.  5000 kms of commuting on them, at least another 20,000kms to go in them.

I think I have some 40mm Maxxis Ramblers and some 33mm Maxxis Raze from my Norco Threshold when I ran that in CX mode.

I'd love to normally....but I think my max clearance is 45mm. 

I did get a set of tyres off Andy Viles a few months back..can't remembr what they were as they're at home, but I have a feeling they're 42mm. Might give those a whirl first. 

New bike day.




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